Hexagram 8 – Water over Earth – 5/15-5/20

Pi – Holding Together (Fellowship)
Mediocrity – Style – Exquisiteness .:. Codon Ring of Water

The 8th hexagram is made up of 5 yin lines and one yang line, but the single yang line is in the 5th position, which is the place of power in the hexagram. There is a balance of forces in this geometry because the single yang line is in the post powerful position and brings unity to the other 5 yin lines. Therefore the two columns formed by the broken yin lines are Held Together by the strong yang line. This is why the name in the ancient iChing is Holding Together or Fellowship.

Water over Earth is the combination of two complementary elements. Water flows over the Earth, and everywhere it flows, life is supported and thrives. Over time the Water is absorbed into the Earth and their energies are combined.

This hexagram comes as an indication to form strong bonds with others, whether they be family, friends, or allies. Any kind of relationship can be formed into beneficial community when the bond is rooted in proper principles. This is of first importance. If one is steadfast in their adherence to higher principles, good fortune follows. Be wed first to the Divine, and all other relations will prosper. When inevitable turbulence arises from misunderstandings, disagreements, and lesser emotions, focus within to be strong and steadfast in proper principles. What is needed at this time is a strong leader to bond the many together into a united fellowship, which can achieve great goals if they are in service to the whole.


The shadow of Mediocrity is widespread in the modern world and is one of the many ways that ‘the norm’ is maintained. There is a magnetic attraction rooted in the fear of what others may think, that keeps the many unique spirits of this world quiet, lonely and afraid to be seen stepping out of the box. This deceptively strong shadow lurks inside the subconscious mind and emotions of the mass consciousness. This shadow keeps many beautiful souls from living their life to the fullest and embracing the uniqueness in their character that adds color the life. This mindset is ingrained early on in our modern education system and lasts until many of us are in our 20’s. Mediocrity represses the unique genius in each individual into conformity with the lowest common denominator in society. Every child has a light to them that the world whittles away over time. This is because individuals who are seated in their power are natural threats to systems of control. A fully free being is a natural rebel, and exists as a threat to the mechanized social order. Even those who live an alternative lifestyle are often still imitating the life of others. When this shadow is acting in one’s life, the uniqueness of being is left in a realm of fantasy, where they my imagine living according toothier spirit, but they take a background role in the drama of their life.

Repressive – Wooden – These people have given up on their dreams and lack life force energy or a sense of purpose. Compromised to the core.

Reactive – Artificial – These people project their unique spirit into the world in a shallow way, hiding behind an illusion of their true spirit. Compromised and fronting.

By finding and nurturing the spark of spirit within, one may engage with the gift of Style and eventually emerge as a rebel with a cause. It takes great surrender and courage to rise from the shadow of Mediocrity and what must change is the instinct to sink away from being one’s true self. By following the natural direction of one’s uniqueness allows for a great surge of wild and adaptive energy that is much like nature itself. Therefor it is seen as a very dangerous energy by the logical systems of our modern world. By following the energy of this inner instinct, new ways of being, dressing, speaking, thinking, acting and creating are are born. This life is rooted in a deeply fulfilling sense of purpose, but is often misunderstood by the mainstream. Many people exerting this gift are ahead of their time and often not truly appreciated until after their death. These people have given up sustaining and projecting their self image. The urge to imitate others falls away, and a truly luminous freedom can emerge. Just as the shadow is highly contagious, so is this gift, where other free spirits may be called out of their slumber and into the freedom to express their unique being.

In the siddhi, the 8 fold nature of the eternal soul shines out in Exquisiteness. Each soul is like a drop of dew in the grand matrix of being, known in the east as Indra’s Net. We are all unique beings, but are also made in the fractal holographic image of the whole cosmos. As one wakes up to the eternal nature of their essence, the image of the creator shines out from the core of one’s being like a diamond.

The soul is formed in an octahedral shape. Eightfold path. This diamond structure is core to our being and shared with all other beings in creation. When the pure essence is released in its Exquisite purity all other souls resonate through the crystalline structure of Indra’s Net. In fact all of creation is unified by this exquisite crystalline matrix with the 2nd Siddhi of unity. The codon ring of water alludes to the ephemeral, transitory nature of the authentic spirit that is ever changing. Each moment is unique unlike any other. Exquisite.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt