Clubhouse Contemplations


Clubhouse is a smartphone audio app where Gene Keys hosts several weekly rooms.

Jesse Chesnutt is a host for two Gene Keys rooms:Weekly Pulse, and Gene Keys & Parenting.

He also hosts contemplations on Gene Keys & Myth on his own channel, The Council Fire.

Click the images below to explore the room page

with links to replay the many amazing rooms from the past.

Weekly Pulse Replays

Weekly Pulse Clubhouse Wednesday 7pm UTC

Council Fire Replays

Gene Keys & Myth Clubhouse Friday 6pm UTC

GK & Parenting

Gene Keys & Parenting Clubhouse Tuesday 3pm UTC

Highlight Replays

Gene Keys & Myth – Atlantis & Mu

Gene Keys & Myth – Revolution & Rebirth

Gene Keys & Myth – Waking the Dragon

The Siddhi Club – Hosted by Jesse & Diya

The Siddhi Club with Adam Apollo