Gene Keys Guidance


As a Gene Keys Guide I would love the opportunity to assist you along your path of self discovery.

The Gene Keys transmission is large and quite complex at first.

It can be helpful to have a guide orient you through the dense forest of information into the clearings of your true nature.

Where to begin

To orient yourself inside the grand wisdom of the Gene Keys, begin with your free profile. As you create and download this chart, make sure you download the free audio included. This is the starting point! Begin contemplating the top sphere of your life’s work.


1-on-1 Guide Session

Explore your profile with a certified Gene Keys Guide

$50/hr flexible

Freeform Q&A

A chance to dive deeper into any questions you have beyond your profile. Explorations into Daoism, Hexagrams, Genetics, Unified Spacetime, Sacred Geometry, Psychology & the Mystery.

Group Learning Services

Tread the Golden Path in small groups to support contemplation and transformation (Programs Coming Soon)

Activation Guide Session

Explore your Activation Sequence

with a Guide – unlock your natural Genius.

$175 – 90 min Session

Includes Lifetime Activation Sequence Access

Value $150 + $75 = $225 $175

Venus Guide Session

Explore your Venus Sequence with a Guide

Unlock your potential for Love.

$175 – 90 min Session

Includes Lifetime Venus Sequence Access

Value $150 + $75 = $225 $175

Pearl Guide Session

Explore your Pearl Sequence with a Guide

Revitalize your Prosperity with Service.

$175 – 90 min Session

Includes Lifetime Pearl Sequence Access

Value $150 + $75 = $225 $175

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