Hexagram 62 – Thunder over Mountain – 7/13-7/18

Hsiao Kuo – Preponderance of the Small
Intellect – Precision – Impeccability .:. Codon Ring of No Return

Being exposed on top of a Mountain during a Thunderstorm is dangerous. One should seek cover, return to their nest and rest in safety until the danger passes. Thunder over Mountain creates a beautiful geometry of lines, with open yin lines connected by two yang lines in the middle. These third and fourth lines are not strong positions and so it warns of a trying time. The image is like two people sitting back to back in an argument. 

During times of wild energy, we are counseled to return our focus within, and take time to Ponder the Small details of our life. Imagine a bird flying high into a wild storm on a Mountain top. The danger is strong and obvious. But if the bird is to fly low and stay humble, it may make it to safety. In this time we too must recognize the intense storm around us and stay humble, working with nature not against it.


This shadow is a reminder that shadows are not bad, gifts good, and siddhis best. All frequency bands have their strengths and weaknesses. In this case, the shadow of Intellect has brought much to our lives, especially in the realm of technology, security and luxury. Even something as simple as running hot water is an advancement that the Intellect has brought to the world that most of us can’t even contemplate living without. There are so many advancements that Intellect has brought us but the problem is that it only offers benefit in one direction, externally. Internally, the Intellect often drives itself into Psychosis (61) and is not able to really satisfy any of the large questions, Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? These questions dissolve the logic of the Intellect, and none of them can be answered directly from this level of awareness. It is up to other parts of our awareness to answer these questions.

The Intellect is fractured from the holographic union of all things, it sees only the duality, and polarity in things, right and wrong, black and white, etc. This separation of the Intellect and all the details of life is known as the great illusion, the Maya. It is so consumed counting and classifying the many small details of life that it misses the bigger picture and the purpose of life. This is the realm of science and fact of the left brain. The Intellect has trusted objective fact and placed it upon a pedestal in the modern age, but fact and truth are not the same thing. Facts are separate and individual, whereas truth is a living current of conscious awareness. Truth rings from one’s whole being, while Intellect lives primarily in the mind. Much of the modern way has created so many facts to memorize that there is no room in our being for our unique genius to express.

Repressive – Obsessive scours the details and facts of life to protect themselves from fear. This stifles creativity and creates a prisoner of the mind.

Reactive – Pedantic Questions everything and often focus on everyone else without looking at themselves. They love to use facts to discount others perspectives. They can’t stop the mind, it is fueled by their inner unattended rage.

Precision is when polarities come into balance, when the mind and the heart find coherence. Where the reactive and repressive natures of the shadow meet, there is Precision. The Intellect gives way to the intelligence of the heart that feels the interconnected invisible force that unifies all of creation. The Intellect of the mind stays, but it allows this more feminine energy of the heart to lead. Then it speaks of the process and power of the hearts wisdom, and when that happens, all who listen feel it. As you learn to speak the words of the heart with Precision, you are left transformed as more light enters the world through your voice. This is connected to the 31st GK in the Ring Of No Return. Once we speak our truth into the world there is no going back. Each world vibrates its true frequency and when spoken with clarity and passion it manifests. There is a massive change in this Gift, when the Intellect is reformed into service of the whole. It’s power is now to speak the powerful vibration of unity and interconnection, divinity and purpose into the world, instead of always dividing everything up into facts.

As we attend to the transformation available in this powerful key we are taken into the highest frequency, beyond words, beyond duality, into the siddhi of Impeccability. This is symbolic of the leap beyond the mental plane into the causal plane, from mind to soul, where we are transformed completely. All of the “failures” of the past can be seen with purpose from a higher perspective. These are the cracks where the light floods in, and true healing is available. Our seeming flaws actually have the potential to be our most beautiful aspects when seen in the light of the whole. All of life exists in a perfect crystalline order.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt