Hexagram 61 – Wind over Lake – 1/11-1/16

Chung Fu – Inner Truth
Psychosis – Inspiration – Sanctity .:. Codon Ring of Gaia

The storm has settled and the gentle Wind blows over the surface of the deep Lake. There is a naturalness to the energy of Wind blowing over the Lake, and we are called to express the natural, loving kindness that lives deep in every heart. At this time, there is an opportunity to have an impact on the community of the Lake, and what is needed is to cultivate the gentleness and persistence of the Wind. Do not give in to anger or expectation. With the right attention given to a tender approach, trust can be gained from any friend or foe. Any temptation to react in harshness or impatience is to be subdued. Attend to the subtle space within the heart. When acting and speaking from this place, good fortune is assured.

The geometry of this hexagram shows the essence of Inner Truth hidden in the layers of yin and yang. The outer yang lines indicate a clear mind, and the inner yin lines, an open heart. The open cavity in the center of this hexagram represents the sacred space within, where Inner Truth is sourced. The image created is likened to an egg. The outer lines, the first and sixth, are yang and represent the hard shell; the second and fifth lines are also yang and represent the white of the egg; while the innermost yin lines, the third and fourth, represent the yolk. Even the life cycle of the egg is represented in the maturation of the lines. The mother bird roosting, the egg fertilizing, starting to grow, maturing, hatching, and the baby bird learning to fly, all represent the movement from the 1st to 6th lines.

The natural order of the world is not discovered on the surface. Heartfelt honesty and persistence are necessary to penetrate to the heart of truth, in nature and the self.


When tempted to look outside one’s self for truth, the result is always Psychosis. This term typically means a loss of touch with reality, and in many ways this is the natural state of most people in the world. Our obsession with order, knowledge and materialism as a culture has led us to become separate from nature, our creator, and our inner truth. We are crushed by the pressure of the mind to figure out “Why?” But the mind is not meant to answer all questions of purpose, so it is driven mad. Many people become Disenchanted with lack of purpose. Others are quick to accept authority from those who offer security. They fall into Fanatical belief in any who claim to have answers to hard questions. So many are drawn to religion, science, and politics for answers instead of cultivating their own Inner Truth. The mind becomes separate from its true nature, and this leads to Psychosis.

At a higher level, the seeking in the external world is exhausted, or cultivated inwardly. The obsessive seeking of answers becomes focused instead on creating beautiful solutions. The intellect is allowed to rest, and the heart comes alive. There is a beauty to this inner experience of letting go the reasoning mind and being swallowed up into the moment. There is a rapturous, musical aspect to Inspiration, which channels all the pressure of the mind’s need to know into the soul’s need to create. A creative zone can descend, and masterpieces can be created with ease as Inspiration sweeps through one’s being like the gentle Wind over the Lake. These moments draw one even deeper into the sacred space within where Inner Truth resides.

This is where the Siddhi dawns, at the great pure inner door to truth where all ascended beings eventually approach the one creator. Here, all seekers must lay down their wounds and armor, still their mind’s seeking, and simply be in the presence of the sacred. In the inner most temple of the heart is a safe space where all wounds are healed, and the wrongs of the world are righted. This is the hallowed retreat in the core of one’s being, the Sanctity of the heart. From this place, a harmonic order rings out, ordering space through resonance. Sanctity creates a crystalline geometry that vibrates around sacred space, beings and transmissions, much like music filling a temple and then descending into utter silence.

The frequency of energy that is held in the focal point of the mind becomes embodied over time. This is why Psychosis, Inspiration and Sanctity are so similar and yet so far from each other. It is essential to clean the temple body so that the most harmonious geometries fill our aura, instead of the harmful, jagged aspects of Psychosis. We are reminded that the Mystic swims in the same sea that the Madman drowns in. Let us all swim in the love of the one.   

Jesse Chesnutt .:. Keys of the iChing