Hexagram 6 – Heaven over Water – 9/15-9/20

Sung – Conflict
Conflict – Diplomacy – Peace .:. Codon Ring of Alchemy

The energy of conflict must be entreated with diplomacy in order that peace is maintained.

Lake over Water (47) arrives at Heaven over Water (6)

This hexagram marks the final week of Water season. For the past eight hexagrams, Water has been in the lower trigram, and the upper trigram has rotated through a rhythmic cycle of the 8 elements in order: Earth, Mountain, Water, Wind, Thunder, Fire, Lake, Heaven. As we end Water season it is interesting to notice that the seasonal calendar wheel is also at a turning point. At the end of this hexagram comes the Autumnal Equinox, one of the great markers of the change of season & so too does the wheel of hexagrams change season from Water to Wind.

The image evoked by this hexagram is of the ascending energy of Heaven and the sinking energy of Water. These energies naturally separate, causing dispute and conflict. The energies are like oil and water, they don’t mix. The space between them is often chaotic and more agitation leads to increased conflict. The mind is so quick to become defended, to protect its perspective and defend against intruders. While conflict may be expressed in the outer world, but we are reminded that all conflict is rooted in inner conflict. In order to disarm conflict, what is needed is inner peace. Take the time now to disengage the ego from all disputes and retreat inwardly to find solace in a place of peace.

When engaging with others, find a way to come from this place of peace. Strive to communicate with equanimity and diplomacy. Neither Heaven nor Water are wrong, they simply express their essence in different ways. Where these energies meet, a subtlety is called for, a sensitivity to know when to talk, and when to listen, when to approach and when to let something lie. Much can be gained on each side by finding a peaceful agreement.

Peace does not win battles, it dissolves the need to have them. Peace allows conflict to fall away into presence and compassionate understanding.

Approach conflict with an open heart, seeking compassion for the other side, so that you may connect with their humanity in a diplomatic way and share in the deep pool of peace, which exists in the space between all things, together.


This key governs a huge range of human emotion from Peace on Earth to all human conflict. It is connected to the balance of ph in an environment, whether that environment is a cell, a being or even a whole planet. It concerns the balance of all polarities, masculine/feminine, yin/yang, east/west, science/spirituality, logic/imagination, etc. When an environment becomes unbalanced, conflict endues. When ones emotional landscape has been disturbed through shame or trauma, the inner emotional plane is Turbulent (36). It takes great maturity to navigate the emotional landscape and find balance especially when it comes to relationships. It is difficult enough to find balance within one’s own being, but to navigate the shared emotional balance is a greater challenge. This is connected to the genetic programming of the battle of the sexes. This nature of misunderstanding of the primal polarity has created war and conflict through out time, and has led to the modern war machine with its trillion dollar budget. The way past this cycle of conflict is to meet in the middle, to release the charge of one position so that the polarity finds peace in the center.

Repressive – Over-Attentive – people pleasers who keep the peace at all costs often by avoiding conflict and sweeping their own needs under the rug. False peace begets mistrust.
Reactive – Tactless – These people create conflict by lashing out in anger, exploding on people without a filter. Teenage mentality.

Deep in the heart of this polarity is the seed of balance and the pathway of Diplomacy. Here, personal perspective and motives are adjusted to serve the benefit of all and to seek harmony in each interaction. Conflict is able to be felt before it comes to a head and be diffused with grace. When one side stays defensive or provocative, and the other uses the gift of Diplomacy by staying neutral and reflecting the energy back without adding any extra charge, the defensive demons are able to be seen clearly by all. It goes beyond words, true diplomacy breaks down all barriers and borders. It lives in the aura. There becomes no need for defensiveness and this allows a higher exchange of energy between opposites. It melts the illusion of separation much like falling in love.

At the highest level, the emotional waves and friction of the collective do not disturb ones awareness. There is a connection to Peace that is always present in the background frequency of creation, it is often unable to be felt, but in this siddhi, Peace moves to the forefront and permeates ones whole being.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt