Hexagram 59 – Wind over Water – 8/23-8/28

Huan – Dispersion
Dishonesty – Intimacy – Transparency .:. Codon Ring of Union

True intimacy, with ourselves and the higher nature of those we meet, softens us to flow like water through hard times and brings success on the transparent winds of change.

The gentle Wind is an invisible force which, as it blows steadily, can make massive change upon the face of the Water. The wind that changes often has little effect. The wind that blows steadily over time builds strength and moves ocean swells.

When dark clouds congregate on the ocean, the steady wind clears the storm. This dark weather can be seen as sentiments of resentment, judgement, dishonesty or harsh thoughts we hold in the harbor of our hearts and minds.

When we encounter a hard place where the flow of life is restricted, breathe, and employ the gentle essence of your higher nature to softly disperse the ice flows in the river of your heart. Do not be discouraged quickly, those who remain steady have great success over time.

This hexagram comes to indicate that we should be like wind on the water, gentle yet steady in the face of any rigid obstacle or mind state. To bear down and harden our countenance will only increase the adversity we face. To soften our approach opens a way forward as the warm spring wind slowly melts the ice of winter.

Wind is also known as Wood, and Wood over Water evokes the image of a boat traveling in the deep ocean. This boat is able to travel far and also navigate through difficult waters.

When matters of the heart become clouded, soften your presence, and allow your gentle warm wind to disperse the clouds from your mind and melt the hardness in your heart.


Dishonesty in the shadow speaks to the friction and magnetism that lives deep in the primal genetic code, which keeps our species alive. It is a primal fear that desires to keep something hidden, which creates polarity, and provides the spark that many seek in sexual attraction. This creates magnetism in relationships, and is the root of ‘opposites attract’. This serves a genetic purpose of keeping humans procreating. Life has kept humans afraid of each other in order to provide the sexual tension to continue genetic replication, but this fear is changing. This key is at the heart of the Great Change and the coming genetic mutation with its programming partner the 55th Gene Key. This means that the fear and Dishonesty that has been lurking below the surface for eons are now rising into our collective, conscious awareness. The old patterns that have ruled in the worlds of government, religion, commerce, education, and relationship are being transformed naturally over time. The old codes are not continuing at the same rate, and new holistic codes are rising into the genetic imperative for the human race. The change is not smooth and immediate, as the old systems of fear and Dishonesty are exposed right in front of our eyes. This change is happening gradually over many generations, but can also be embraced at a personal level, by facing our inner demons and aligning with a holistic, benevolent service to the whole. All the pain we feel inside has been sent by God for our healing. Stay present and honest with our hidden shadows, pains and traumas and they will be transformed.

Repressive – Excluded are victims who gain attention through self exclusion. This is a product of deep defense mechanisms developed early on, and can be quite addictive. It gives one a false sense of being in control of the emotional environment.

Reactive – Intrusive anger projects itself into everyone else’s life seeking willing victims. They blame others and attempt to control their emotional environment.

As layers of fear and Dishonesty are peeled back, it exposes a very powerful and vulnerable energy in our sexuality. By transmuting our subconscious, primal, sexual energy with conscious awareness, it leads to massive transformation. While the gift of Intimacy sounds soft and gentle, in actuality it can be brutally honest, tearing us up inside. The purpose is to cleanse the genetics, the subconscious, the subtle bodies to make space for a new way of being. For now, the closest we have come to Intimacy has been falling in love, where we give our heart over to another person. Eventually we will share awareness with another being, fully, where nothing is hidden, where the shadow and light of our inner world is exposed for another to see. This allows for the collective wounds that currently manifest in our relationships to be transmuted in each living heart. The pains that we have hidden and been distracted from in the past will be shared and therefore healed. This is the service of the personal heart as it opens to the universal heart. Intimacy listens from deep in the heart to what the other really needs and this allows unconditional love to pour forth, which brings freedom.

This allows for the transformation to reach its highest peak in the siddhi of Transparency. Here the genetic code comes clean, the mirror of consciousness pristine, the ring of union is complete. When we achieve true Transparency, there is nothing left to hide, nothing left to incarnate for, no more drama, no Maya, no game of life. There is no inner and no outer, no separation, no self.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt