Hexagram 57 – Wind over Wind – 10/8-10/13

Sun – The Gentle Wind
Unease – Intuition – Clarity .:. Codon Ring of Matter

The Wind represents the gentle steady influence of Spirit. It cannot be seen, yet its effect can, in the moving of the trees, and the motion of the clouds. It operates with an invisible force, but has physical signs of its movement. The Wind is known as the eldest daughter and embodies the mature feminine qualities of gentleness, softness, receptivity and harmony. The Wind reaches across boundaries and unites worlds, seen and unseen.

The image of this hexagram is of a steady gentle Wind dispersing dense storm clouds. The Wind that is steady, persists in making great change, whereas the Wind that gusts and changes course often only stirs the sky. We are counseled to choose the direction we wish to move wisely, and then act with steady persistence toward that goal, without any rash or aggressive actions.

When an eagle wants to rise high into the sky it doesn’t flap its wings aggressively fighting against the wind, the eagle surrenders to the flow of the wind in order to ride up on an updraft. Their energy is utilized in maximum efficiency and their path is filled with Grace. In this way we are guided to use our Intuition to follow the invisible flow of the Wind to new heights.

The Wind can be turbulent but if we have patience to ride out the Unease in the twists and turns of the storm, we may rise to great heights not through aggression, but instead through Intuitive harmony with the unseen elements of life, bringing us to rarified heights of Clarity.

This Gene Key represents the period of development when we are in utero. Everything we need, we receive from our mother’s womb. There is nothing to do. We must only receive. All we need is provided for. The three trimesters represent the three stages of development where our three main bodies of intelligence are formed. The first trimester contains the development of the physical body and our deep mythological awareness, analogous to the SQ. The second trimester begins the development of our emotional body, the formation of our ideology and the EQ. The third trimester oversees the development of our mental body, our psychology and the IQ.

It is also of note that this key represents the 7th position of the Delta, the crown chakra, the highest levels of human awareness, the monadic plane. This is the position where we are asked to listen to the unseen, celestial realms, to open to the influence of the invisible higher planes.

Cultivate gentle patience to remain steady through the inevitable turbulence and Unease of life. Use Intuition to find the way forth and persist steadily toward Clarity. Trust in the unseen currents moving through your life.


All of creation is made of vibrating particles of matter and light, and all vibration can be experienced sonically. The vibration that life communicates to us holds 64 different signatures and this is coded into the DNA, the iChing and the Gene Keys. These frequencies are inherent to life itself. There are also these frequency bands that slightly alter the 64 fundamental blueprints. At the lower end of frequency the archetype manifests through fear, and we can raise our frequency over time to experience the higher aspects of each archetype, but much of the world is stuck in the fearful frequencies of the shadow. As we attune to life and its constant vibration, it creates much Unease. It is built into the nature of life and the physical bodies that we incarnate into. As children and even in the womb we are tuned like tuning forks to the collective fears of humanity. We react by attempting to control life with the mind, creating security and stability, which is ultimately an illusion. We build solid structures and systems to help shelter us from the natural vibrating energy of the cosmos, but instead of creating actual stability it only creates a lifeless rat race that is completely at odds with the intuitive, natural life humans are meant to live.

Repressive – Indecision – when the intuition is repressed by the mind. The body knows, but the mind second guesses. Hesitancy blocks the truth of the body, where as Clarity is the cornerstone of health and radiance.

Reactive – Impetuous – As fear builds, a quick decision is made in the hopes of ending fear. Fear based decisions only increase the fear and manifest more fear.

Dilemma of Trust

Deep in the heart of this shadow lies the secret to human health. By facing into the deep fears which lurk in the subconscious we are able to attune to the vibration of all life. What was felt as Unease in the shadow is actually direct communication from the frequency of life itself. There is an opportunity to listen deeper to the mystery, to the physical, to the invisible intelligence of the whole. As we attune to this vibration, and let it all the way in it reboots our genetic system and awareness. We become able to receive and listen to the gentle whispers of our spirit, our ancestors, our cells and systems. This is a great teaching from the yin, to listen, to receive, to Intuit what is true instead of the way of the masculine which builds, controls and analyzes. There is an opportunity for the Intuition to awaken torrents of knowing and wisdom to connect us back to our individual power, but also to connect us to the greater wisdom which blows on the wind. Allow the deeper knowing of your superconscious awareness to unite the subconscious and conscious

Clarity pierces through the illusion of matter itself. All time and space becomes clear in flashes of Clarity. The ability to listen directly to spirit breaks down the boundaries of the individual self and even the present moment, into the realm of the eternal. Gentleness is the tao, it is the way. Soften, soften more, and even more, but do not stop. Persist into the depths of the wounds of self, ancestor and all of humanity and all will become clear.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt