Hexagram 55 – Thunder over Fire – 2/19-2/23

Feng – Abundance (Fullness)
Victimization – Freedom – Freedom .:. Codon Ring of the Whirlwind

Thunder over Fire symbolizes a moment of great power, when lightening and thunder fill the sky. There is such tremendous force released, but it only last a moment. In order to be prepared for this auspicious moment, we are counseled to watch the movement of nature. There is a natural ebb and flow in all things, a ripening into fullness and then decline, only to rise again. By remaining watchful of these patterns in our life, in others and in all things, we are able to time our efforts in the optimal moments of Abundance.

Fire as lightning illuminates, while the great power of Thunder awakens. An individual who utilizes both power and light can be a guide to many. This is a time where one’s influence may reach far and wide, like the Abundant heat of the Sun in the apex of the sky at high noon.

While there is great light and heat from this moment in time, it is also unsustainable. There is an over-abundance of energy from the noon sun, which if extended all day would eventually dry up the crops and leave the land barren. Life is dependent on the balance of the whole cycle of time, day and night, action and rest, yang and yin.

As the sun rises, so it must also set. In this moment of Fullness, the intensity of energy cannot be sustained. From the peak of increase, there can only be decline. So we too must accept when our influence is waning and follow the turning of the tide with detachment and inner surrender. This drawing inward allows us to rest and be prepared for the next rising moment of Abundance. 


Every shadow state is a Victim state. This 55th key is connected to every other key through the journey from Victim mentality to the profound clear presence of Freedom. This models the journey from each Shadow to the Gift and Siddhic frequencies. In the Shadow frequency, there is a programming loop created where each individual becomes their own worst enemy. The dilemma occurs when we look outside ourselves for External Validation. This creates a victim of Drama, where the state of our being is no longer in our control, but is dictated from the events of life around us. Many humans actually love the drama of life, and by attaching to the drama, it keeps us all trapped in the illusion of Victimization. We oscillate through the extremes of searching for pleasure and running from pain.

Understanding has the power to cut through the unconscious cycle of Victimization, activating the solar plexus where our deep knowing resides. The power in this ‘second brain’ when activated, may lead us to reconnect with our deep sense of knowing truth viscerally, instead of mentally. This will lead to an awakening of our individual and collective Freedom through knowing. The shadow state leads to two main polarities, Complaining, and Blaming. By Complaining, we only strengthen the grips of our Victimization, and we become the central victim in life’s drama. By Blaming, we externalize our issues by blaming something else, giving away our power and self-responsibility.

In between these two extremes lies the Gift, hidden is shadow. Freedom is knowing the truth deep in our being, that there is no right and wrong. Freedom is the sense of standing true in one’s sovereignty, beyond the duality of good and bad, left and right, us and them. Children of the near future will be born with a genetic mutation that does not allow for them to hold the Victim mentality. This will carry the power to transform whole families, communities and eventually entire cultures. The children and this mutation will lead us back to the mythical golden age. This process happens deep within our belly, and in the DNA of each cell.

The 55th key is the genesis of the great change, as the comic clock of the procession of the equinoxes moves into the 55th key in 2027. This mutation is already beginning where people are gaining clearer access to their true sense of higher consciousness. The foundation of our human consciousness is moving from “I” to “We”. Because the Gift and Siddhi are both Freedom, by awakening out of our Victimization, this mutation quickly draws us up to the highest frequency of consciousness. This movement into Freedom has the power to change all systems of being and all of life on Earth.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt