Hexagram 53 – Wind over Mountain – 7/7-7/12

Chien – Development (Gradual Progress)
Immaturity – Expansion – Superabundance .:. Codon Ring of Seeking

Wind is also known as wood, and the image of Wind over Mountain is that of a tree growing steadily on top of the Mountain. If its growth is rushed then it won’t develop the necessary roots and will eventually be susceptible to the harsh elements of Thunder and Water. But if it is content to take its time and build a proper foundation, then its Gradual Progress will be ensured for years to come.

Humans also desire immediate results and so they rush their natural process, but this hexagram councils that Gradual Process is the only lasting progress. Over time energies change and it is best to follow the natural progress without forceful action. The desires of the ego try to control and manipulate progress, but the best way to ensure lasting success is to cultivate inner wisdom attuned to nature’s flow. By walking the path of the Tao in step with the Sage, good fortune is assured. Like the gentle steady wind supports the tree slowly growing strong on the high Mountain, so too should be our progress.


Nature is our best guide for how systems interact in beneficial ways, but modern humanity has tried to grow up too fast and doesn’t heed natures laws. This is the shadow of Immaturity, where our desires outpace our wisdom. Our separation from nature has led the modern way astray. We do not pay attention to proper foundation, action or timing. This allows Greed (54) to guide our motives rather than natural abundance. The universe is interconnected but the Immature mind cannot easily grasp this unity. The process of maturity is to feel and experience our interdependence with all life. No man is an island. This is the journey of the whole GK transmission from external fixation to internal embodiment. The mind of Immaturity buys into the Maya and becomes disconnected from its true nature and interconnection with all beings. There is only one consciousness that moves through all manifest forms. From a human perspective, the great lesson to Expand past Immaturity is through service to the whole.

Repressive – Solemn As the vital energy of life is repressed, dreams are given up and a small, disconnected life is created. Great sorrow

Reactive – Fickle Jump from one thing to the next without any commitment to see things through. Many things may be accomplished but without any fulfillment.

All of life is expanding and contracting, but as the divine spirit encounters living matter, both Expand. This is the process of evolution as matter and spirit unite and cause growth and change. There is an alchemy in the union of polarities, and this union is the cause of Expansion. But all things must grow in balance with the whole, so in the human experience it is important to be lofty and grounded, balanced in yin and yang. Then the Expansion can be sustained to great benefit. As spirit penetrates form, the form expands. As our soul wakes up to its nature our capacities become expanded as well. Maturity is connected to the ability to slow down. Through steady, patient attention to our inner connection with all things, we evolve past what was possible into Super Abundance.

This siddhi goes far beyond abundance relating to health, prosperity and purpose, into the mystical realms. This is the nature of the universe, which creates life super abundantly. Life pours forth in every direction, expanding the web of life in fractal patterns and systems. All of these forms are connected as aspects of the one consciousness, which supports and nurtures all of the separate parts. The forms may shift and change, but the one consciousness expands and enlivens everything. Beyond abundance into the limitless progress of the universe. Many beginnings and with no endings, only transformation of the one consciousness.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt