Hexagram 52 – Mountain over Mountain – 6/25-6/30

Ken – Keeping Still, Mountain
Stress – Restraint – Stillness .:. Codon Ring of Seeking

This is the apex of the Mountain energy in the Mountain season and in the whole calendar wheel. Mountain contains the energy of Stillness and represents the youngest of the yang energies. The yang line is at the top and is not rooted, which comes with maturity. What is needed to allow the yang energy to mature is stillness, contemplation, mediation, awareness.

In this hexagram the energy is doubled and the need for stillness is compounded. The way forth is impeded and there is not much hope for swift progress and fast resolution. Instead it is a time to pause, slow down, ground the energy and bring awareness to your root. By engaging in meditation and bringing awareness to the breath, new opportunities may arise from a deepened perspective.

Sit tall and still like the Mountain with a strong, straight back and eyes closed. Allow the emotions to rise and fall, but do nothing. Resist the urge to move or be changed by the emotions, and overtime you will gain mastery over the emotional realm.  By disengaging our mind, body and emotions in stillness, we allow the assistance of the divine to enter our lives and to reorient from our emotional drive to the will of the universe.


All of life hums and buzzes and Stress is a manifestation of this vibration that comes from the collective. It is connected to time and our disconnection to its natural flow. Time seems to be moving either to fast or too slow and we feel the pressure. When we are separate from nature and the natural flow of time, something in us raises an alarm, and most of the modern world lives with constant alarm bells ringing. This is stress. The more densely populated an area, the more stress is in the field. The human aura extends beyond the body, so when we are in a room with someone our auras overlap. In a crowded city train our aura is combined with many others and this creates a huge amount of discordant energy in our emotional field. Even our DNA is effected by this vibration, so the longer we stay engaged in Stress, the more it can cause physical illness.

Our DNA code represents our Genotype, which never changes, but depending upon the frequency of energy moving through our system (shadow, gift, siddhi) we develop phenotypes. When our RNA is creating proteins through amino acid synthesis, the frequency of energy creates vastly different physical structures. It is crucial to change our frequency through stilling the mind. This allows the adrenal glands to rest and effects our overall health greatly. We have been taught to battle stress with the mind, but the mind is extremely susceptible, so it creates a never ending loop. The way forth is to still the mind and return to the rhythm of nature.

Repressive – Stuck the physical, emotional and mental faculties crash and come off line. Depression and anxiety. Too much time spent in collapse can have lasting effects on health. Service and purpose is the way to recharge the system.

Reactive – Restless can never sit still, escaping anxiety through overactivity. Over stimulated adrenals lead to burnout.

While Restraint sounds like a confusing or boring Gift, it is crucial for our being. This gift provides a balance of structure and flow, action and non-action, yin and yang. It is likened to the natural process of a seed. Over time it grows and evolves through many phases, and with the right nurturing and patience it becomes its full expression. Restraint is the fertile soil that the seed is planted in, the clean water, and bright sunlight. But all the proper ingredients can’t change a seed from what it is meant to be, a tomato seed will never grow an oak, so it is crucial to cultivate the right seeds from the very start. A proper seed has the intention of serving more than just itself, so we are advised to contemplate “how can I be of greatest service to the whole”. Attune to this great question and then have the patience and fortitude to see it through. We cannot hurry the growth of a seed, shoot or tree. We must be present and nurture without interference. Restraint creates healthy boundaries which then allow the life force energy to flow freely. It channels the natural pressures of life in healthy and beneficial ways.

This patience of Restraint at its highest level becomes Stillness, which has the power to silence the vibration of the cosmos. Time stretches out and seems to still, a moment becomes eternity, all manifest phenomena of the material world grinds to a halt and its illusory nature can be seen. In the presence stillness, all time, space and dimensional realms are seen as one interconnected matrix, and you become the still point at the center of creation. The adrenals release rarified hormones which increase the stillness and initiate Bliss.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt