Hexagram 50 – Fire over Wind – 10/20-10/24

Ting – The Cauldron
Corruption – Equilibrium – Harmony .:. Codon Ring of the Illuminati

This hexagram is called The Cauldron, and the cauldron sits atop Fire over Wind/Wood. It evokes the image of the warmth of the hearth, and represents stability in the home, the cosmos and community. The cauldron alludes to the nature of our mind, and the inner alchemy which takes place through contemplation, where the lower nature is softened and refined over the gentle fire of presence. It is also representative of the offering pot where a grand feast is prepared for the whole community to share in collective abundance. The spirit is honored first, then the elders, then all are welcome to feast from the depth of the cauldron.

What we hold in the cauldron of our mind is our offering to the divine, so we are counseled to be humble, forgo the desires of ego and id, and hold our attention to the higher realms in humility. This will allow for the Corruption of our lower nature to be brought into balance upon the fulcrum of Equilibrium. Through sustained presence maintaining this balance, we are influenced by the Harmony of the higher worlds.

A great leader is like a great chef, mixing all of the ingredients in the pot to perfect the flavor of the whole. Too much or too little of any ingredient can throw off the Equilibrium of the dish. What is called for is a Harmony of all separate ingredients to create a proper meal which is nutritious, and delicious.

We are encouraged to develop our skills of cooking, combining ingredients in order to build a prosperous being, family, village, nation and world. We do this through serving others from the cauldron. By gathering goods on the material plane, the Fire, the Wood, the food, the flavors, and offering it to the spiritual realm, elders and community, a prosperous energy of service is created. This places one in the abundant flow of cosmic Harmony.

This Gene Key is also the keynote for the 6th position in the Gene Keys Delta Program. It represents the 6th Chakra, the sixth sense, the third eye, the indigo ray, and the Atmic Plane. The call to action for this week is to hold one’s thoughts pure, focused upon the eternal cosmic harmony of the whole. Remove judgements of good and bad, seeing everything from the eyes of wholeness. Each separate action or event is all orchestrated in some way by the one cosmic intelligence in harmony for the benefit of All.


This shadow deals with the deep Corruption that exists in the vast history of our world, the genetic code in every cell of our bodies, and the systems of control that wrap around nearly every aspect of our culture. These corruptions arise from our fear and have been patterned over millennia by our desperation to survive at all cost. The fear frequency implants into our genetics, corrupting the code. So it effects our lineages and our bodies, but it also runs through the whole of culture, and in many ways money has been used to corrupt many of the systems

Repressive – Overloaded a victim of the hierarchy, fear of the structure, don’t take responsibility,

Reactive – Irresponsible take advantage of the hierarchy. Fear and anger are projected up the rungs of the systemic ladder at the leaders, or cast down onto others. Empirialists, business tycoons, criminals & corrupt officials.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt