Hexagram 45 – Lake over Earth – 6/8-6/13

Ts’ui – Gathering Together
Dominance – Synergy – Communion .:. Ring of Prosperity

Lake over Earth creates an image of a thriving community. Anywhere water rests upon the Earth, life abounds, and in the Lake there is a continuous source of water around which a prosperous community gathers. The hexagram has a powerful communion of all lines, led by the 5th and 4th yang lines. These represent the ruler, line 5, and the chief minister, line 4, which unite the whole hexagram. A righteous leader and council creates and sustains an abundant community.

When cast in the iChing this hexagram comes as auspicious sign. The Lake contains the energy of Joyousness and community, while the Earth is that of receiving and unity. Together, the community receives abundant joy. Such is also the case with our inner subtle energy as well. This is a time to cultivate presence, our leadership and heart qualities, which has the opportunity to create massive positive energy.

It is by joining together as a community that our individual power is multiplied. Each unique gift is amplified when placed into service with a common goal to benefit the whole. This is especially true when the community gathers around a beneficial leader. Now is the time to cultivate these characteristics in yourself. Look deeply within and Gather Together all the traits of balance, harmony, and truthfulness. Cultivate the thoughts, attitudes and actions that you would like to see from a leader, and eventually you will find yourself in a leadership role. Place these higher principles before any sense of worldly gain and you will be blessed by good fortune and trust from your community. The progress in the world is dependent upon your individual progress in this moment. Commit to the higher way and all will be blessed.


The shadow of Dominance runs through the world and its history like no other. There have been so many systems of control and Dominance through out time, from slavery, to war, bigotry, sexism, classism, to politics. In the old times, community gathered around food, and this was the basis of civilization. In the modern world now it is money that we gather around. Dominance sustains hierarchies, although in the current age we are evolving past this model, but not at the shadow frequency. There is the Dominance of the male over the female, left over right brain, the few over the many. There is a shortsighted focus on individual and tribal survival, and to this end many wrongs can be justified. Everything in our culture is currently being dominated by the power of money, but this system is destined to crumble and fall because it is built by the mind and based on fear.

Repressive – Timid these people are easily manipulated by fear because they bow to authority.

Reactive – Pompous people climb on others backs to scramble up the dog pile. They become victimizers in the Dominance scheme.

By attuning to the natural sovereignty of the individual spirit and standing one’s ground, a new system is able to be formed in the space between. The external authority necessary to sustain hierarchy is replaced by collective Synergy, and this shift naturally creates heterarchy. The feeling of this change is trust. We begin to trust the whole, and each individual’s part to play. Synergy spreads the power dynamic horizontally and this transforms the vertical power structure of hierarchy. This occurs when a person in a position of power willingly places some of their authority in another. This will eventually transform the world of finance, corporations, medicine and governance as the centralized power structure is decentralized. This goes against the way that business as usual has been done in the past. By sharing the power and benefit of collective action, it creates a massive shift in the way prosperity is created and shared. This is the natural order of life and the cosmos, but it has been dominated by fear and control of the mind. The shift begins at the individual family level. It will eventually create an entirely new way of living and thinking. Synergy is a naturally occurring energy that connects and builds coherence between many points. Like the invisible but tangible force of coherence and flow around a magnet.

Taken to its siddhic culmination all individuals are brought fully into Communion. This is the sharing of holy bread and wine, which are analogies of money and DNA. Communion unites all genetic lineages, all tribes, all types into a great union. This is also a Communion of matter and spirit. This will be a great threshold for humanity to cross, leading us all into unified mind, each part serving the HOL. The energy of Communion is at the heart of all community.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt