Hexagram 44 – Heaven over Wind – 10/31-11/04

Kou – Coming to Meet (Encounter)
Interference – Teamwork – Synarchy .:. Codon Ring of the Illuminati

Heaven over Wind exists in near complete harmony, but there is a hidden instability lurking at the bottom of the hexagram. In the first line there is one yin line with five yang lines on top. This structure is initially stable, but indicates a future warning. The yin line in the bottom position uproots all the creative energy of the upper lines. There is a warning of an Interference disrupting the harmony of the upper lines and so this higher order is not able to be grounded into reality. What is called for is a patient reliance on one’s higher nature. Do not be tempted by anything which seems suspicious. It will surely lead you astray. Any actions which are taken should be carefully vetted by ones higher sense of truth, integrity, and humility.

The image evoked by the lines is of 5 men competing for one woman. This clearly creates an imbalance, and is apt to lead to certain conflict. A delicate and intentional path must be walked to bring harmony to the lines. Any selfish or shortsighted actions are sure to lead to disharmony. So it is important to pay attention to the dynamic of the whole in order that coherence is retained. The hexagram is almost in perfect harmony, but there is a seed of disturbance. It is easiest to handle any issue when it is small in size, before it grows out of control.

The instability hidden in the deep structure of this hexagram speaks to how important it is to be whole, or complete in integrity. Even the tiniest seed of doubt or darkness must be attended to, for it may fester, threatening the integrity of the whole. This is actually why chaos enters into a system, so that we may identify what is no longer serving, and attend to it. There is an opportunity to work collectively to return order to the whole. This where the Gift of Teamwork comes into action; to work together to find and maintain the ever-changing balance in group dynamics.

This Gene Key is rooted in human fractals, the formation of groups of humans who gather as soul families around similar interests, life paths or karmic lessons. At the unconscious level these groups can trigger each member’s shared traumas, which may lead to increased agitation. If the individual or the group are able to face the deeply seeded trauma, then the whole fractal line, ancestral karma and genetic trauma may be cleansed. Otherwise the shadow frequency may offer too much Interference for the cleansing to take place.

Once the fears are faced however, groups can form around collective traumas or core wounds and massive shifts may take place in the collective consciousness of whole fractal lines. This is the essence of Teamwork, working together to face the fears, wounds and traumas that lurk in the subconscious of all humanity. This collective form of service lifts all boats, and works with coherence and harmony to bring about changes that affect all beings. This type of Teamwork breaks down the misaligned structures of hierarchy, while issuing in a more natural organizing factor called Synarchy. This type of organization which uses the natural ordering principal of syntropy is a sign of the  higher ordered systems of nature and hopefully the future of humanity. Synarchy may best be glimpsed in the image of a bee colony, made up of many individuals, all working in different aspects to create a perfectly ordered beehive which serves all members in the colony, all the plants which need pollination, as well as all who love honey.

As we approach the end of Wind season, logic would say that the calendar should continue the cyclical dance onwards to Thunder season, but this is not the case. The sequence of Earth, Mountain, Water, Wind, Thunder, Fire, Lake, Heaven has been followed for the Earth, Mountain, Water, and Wind seasons, leading us to the middle point of 32 out of 64 hexagrams. Instead of continuing, this cycle of hexagrams is reversed for the next 4 seasons. This transition is one of two points in the calendar when the upper trigram is repeated, Heaven to Heaven. The other is in six months when we switch polarities again and return to the beginning at Earth over Earth. This week we jump to the end of the cycle at full yang hex 1, Heaven over Heaven, and move backward to the center. Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth. Enjoy this jump in time as the veil is thin, Halloween, Samhein, Dia de los Muertos, All Saints Day, Diwali (Festival of Lights)


This key represents the nature of fractals which are seen in all living systems. These are the patterns of nature that repeat over and over creating a holographic totality. If we examine one small part of any living system, the same patterns can be seen repeating smaller and smaller, as well as in larger cycles. This is the way that all life is organized, and extends to human relationships too. Every person that is drawn into your experience is manifested across your path   for a reason. At a lower frequency they are there to awaken dormant patterns in your invisible karmic imprints. They offer opportunities to engage with the subconscious patterns that have been hidden from beyond this incarnation. So the Interference patterns that may disturb us, also have a purpose, to show us the weak spots that need to be integrated so that we may truly engage in higher frequency living. By recognizing the way that all of life is coordinated for our benefit by a higher unitive intelligence we can engage in the lessons that are held for us in our soul groups. Sometimes these karmic relationships can actually hold very deep and challenging wounding patterns that would continue to be subconscious if it were not for these relationships. But at the lowest frequency, fear runs throughout our reality creating Interference in the grand harmonious design, much like a virus in a biological system. But even this has purpose, to expose the virus so that it may be observed, identified and rooted out at its source. When this happens not only is the individual freed from the effect of the virus, the grand fractal lines of humanity are able to be cleansed. It starts locally, but ends up effecting the whole, globally.

Repressive – Distrustful this pattern is a learned and inherited trait, that infects all types of relationship. Everyone is kept at arms length to try to avoid any pain, or loss.

Reactive – Misjudging Instead of shutting down and closing off these people keep repeating the same mistakes fractally, over and over. With out integrating or observing the pattern they are destined to keep chasing the bad boy or the mysterious girl.

Deep in the shadow, between these two extremes lies the root of the hidden gift of Teamwork. Whereas in the shadow we are destined to make the same mistakes over and over again, once we recognize these patterns we become highly attuned to finding people aligned with our intentions, while avoiding the negative patterns that do not serve us. This gift has a sense of smell that can sniff out a faulty agenda, a dishonest motive, or a hidden ally. It can even catch a whiff of our higher intuition when it hints us to look at something in a new light. There is a real power to say the right thing to the right person at the right time to trigger a massive shift in energy, open up new collaborations, and even become fast friends with a stranger who is aligned with our destiny. These people are masters of recognizing who they work well with. This is the idea of a soul group who gathers lifetime after lifetime around a similar philosophy, community and work in the world. Sound familiar.

At the highest level these groups are seen as fractal lines incarnating instead of individuals that form a soul family. From the highest cosmic perspective there is only one consciousness that incarnates as many fractal lines, forming vast networks and interconnected spirals of beings which play out the archetypal dance in the game of life. Therefore we are all on a journey to clean and shimmer the essence of our individual selves so that the one consciousness is able to work its way all the way through us cleanly back to the primal root where all fractals are born. When this happens, a great coherence between all parts naturally arises in Synarchy. Syn- to act in concert. Archy- to govern. Like a queen bee who sits in the heart of the fractal hive, and all bees have their individual roles, but all seem to move with one consciousness, serving the whole. This is the true nature of the Illuminati, not a shadowy cabal of business leaders, weapon manufacturers, and bankers making secret deals in secret. The true nature is holographic, invisible, and divine. Like a heavenly host of angels who all serve the whole of creation, pulling strings and orchestrating whole civilizations, cultures and timelines. These are the benevolent forces of Dakini who guard and guide shambhala, or the angelic masters from the crystalline city, who hold the highest vision of coordinated perfection for the human race. When a being awakens one of the core fractal lines, the whole arm sheds more of the illusion and the whole matrix vibrates higher. An awakened master of the 44th siddhi can take on the sins of an entire fractal line, and awakens a new way of being in the world that serve the benefit of All. The frequency of their consciousness has the power to clear the interference patterns woven through out the genetic code of all humanity.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt