Hexagram 43 – Lake over Heaven – 11/11-11/16

Kuai – Breakthrough (Resolution)
Deafness – Insight – Epiphany

This hexagram indicates a long awaited time of resolution, movement and motion. Any obstacles that have been in the way, are close to resolution for those who are persistent in the pursuit of higher ideals. Lake over Heaven evokes the image of a large rain cloud, high up in the sky. The lines themselves paint a clear picture of the energy embodied in this hexagram. There are five solid yang lines on the bottom with one yin line on top. There is order and harmony growing through the hexagram, with only one obstacle at the very top line. This means that the moment has almost arrived, but much care must be taken at every step so that the harmony of the whole is not spoiled.

Often when things are in order, we tend to relax, bask in our accomplishments, and enjoy the moments of ease. This can lead one to fall into old patterns and forget the moral actions which have brought us to this point of breakthrough. Do not let your thoughts, emotions and actions fall into chaos, consumed by the low frequency roar of the world aura. Instead, keep a clear inner focus to maintain and build the cohesive consciousness of harmony of the lower lines. Consistent steady awareness of our higher ideal in action may lead to the vanquishing of limitation and any obstacle in our way. Each moment is now magnified, as a trial to listen to the inner voice, and to proceed without corruption against all cost. The energy has been building for some time now and the breakthrough is immanent.


This key has the potential to hear with pristine clarity, but at the shadow level it is easy to get lost in the roaring vibration of the world around us. Like a bustling city, there is so much adding to the sonic atmosphere that there is no way to listen to all that is happening. It is overwhelming. The deafening roar of the world drowns out the subtle inner vibrations of intuition and spirit. We cannot hear what the people close to us are really saying, even when they’re speaking directly to us. This is the shadow of Deafness. This key really describes the journey through the three frequency bands perfectly. The shadow is always in survival mode, the gift moves into service, and the siddhi is complete surrender of personal awareness into universal consciousness, where the DNA is free to operate at its highest frequency without interference. Our survival instincts developed over thousands of generations from the need to really listen to our surroundings in order to survive. We listened intently to our environments, to the animals, to nature, but our modern world is so loud that we can’t even hear ourselves think. At the shadow level we cannot hear what is going on inside of us. We are tuned in to the wrong frequency of radio station. We can only hear the static of the world aura, the fear, and business drown out the subtle. We hear the complexities (23) of the rat race scurrying around us and forget to be still, silence the mind and retune our awareness to the higher frequencies. It is not that something is wrong with our hearing, it is just that there is too much noise in our head. We have stopped being warriors and become worriers.

Repressive – Worried the mind goes in loops trying to find a way out of worry, but one worry follows the next.

Reactive – Noisy these people never stop talking so they don’t have to listen. There is often a tone deaf inappropriateness where they say the wrong thing at the wrong time. This pushes them to seek approval b/c they often blurt and are mistimed and misunderstood.

But if we find practices that allow some simplicity and stillness into our aura, then a beautiful thing can happen. First, we may be able to finally listen to what people are saying, and may even hear the meaning which lies between their words. This can deepen relationships, soothe misunderstandings and lead people to feel understood at a deeper level. Once we are able to hear in this way, another layer may unfold. We begin to hear the subtlest vibrations of our inner knowing, and Insight comes alive. We begin to hear the true uniqueness of our inner spirit that naturally challenges the status quo. Our culture tries to create stability and sameness, and the Insight coming straight from the source inside our being does not conform to these traditions or conventions. It creates something new and vibrant connected to the subtle inner knowing that rings in ones cells. Once we tune in to the humming of our cells, and the ringing of the spheres we transform the power of this key. Now the same Deafness which drowned out our subtle voice can be used to drown out the cacophony of the world. Tune out the low frequency of the world and tune to the beauty and truth of our inner voice. A breakthrough may ripple through our lives and awaken the divine rebel, the one who marches to their own inner rhythm, heeds the call of their creative spirit, and even bends the rules for the benefit of All. The more we open to love and become conduit for our true spirit, we see that creation bends to the will of the whole. Even chance is seen as illusion, and a part of the grand geometry of the cosmos. We now are deaf to the ills of the world and only hear what is beautiful and true. It is all still there, we just no longer hear it.

Following this path leads to Epiphany, where the Gift of Insight alights into a heavenly glow and the cosmos itself may sing hidden symphonies to your soul. Then perhaps you can sing them to the world in such a way that the world cannot help but listen. This siddhi of Epiphany is a powerful divine state that is connected to the 4th sacred seal, and therefore all 4th lines. It releases the fear of rejection and opens the heart of humanity. It connects us to the inner workings of creation and the mind, and with it we are no longer afraid to be ourselves. We don’t have to act or behave in a certain way, we can let the divine come out to play. These are the pirates, the poets and lovers!

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt