Hexagram 41 – Mountain over Lake – 1/22-1/27

Sun – Decrease
Fantasy – Anticipation – Emanation .:. Start Codon Ring of Origin

Mountain over Lake is a hexagram with a striking image. The sacred silent Mountain looms high above the deep Lake. The stillness of the mountain draws the Lake into Decrease, and the Lake similarly erodes the Mountain over time. The Lake has a motion to its energy which balances the stillness of Mountain. The Lake evaporates and then rains at a later time creating an eternal cycle. Together they create an equilibrium, where the motion of one enlivens the stillness of the other and they meet in the middle.

This is a time of austerity and stripping away anything excessive. By refining our lives, our intentions and actions in the world, an offering made at this time from this purity of being is blessed by the higher worlds. In the wisdom of the iChing it is to be noted that opposites are embedded in each other. In Decrease there is the potential for great gain, while at times of great success, a come down is inevitable. The energies of expansion and contraction operate together as one cycle, each in their own time. So when the energy of the world is drawn into Decrease, and the fruits of excess have dried up, there is much possibility for growth, cleansing and clarity. These times are good for us if we place our attention in the right place, in contemplation of our divine nature.

There is an interesting symmetry in this hexagram. Mountain and Lake are programming partners, so this is one of the few times the programming partners also have the upper and lower trigrams switched. Mountain over Lake (41) becomes Lake over Mountain (31).


In the shadow of Fantasy, the mind sees the possibility of the future, but is too fixed on its idea of how things should be. It clings to a specific outcome and is unable to actually manifest it in the world. There is a fragile aspect to this shadow. When any little deviation to the plan happens, the fantasy evaporates and all hope is abandoned. The problem comes with projecting hope of perfection too far into the future. We can’t live in the present because of all the “what ifs” in the future that might be more perfect that our life is now. These fantasies keep us distracted from our life in an endless pursuit of perfection. Some tend to disconnect from real life, always curled up inside their mind’s Dreamy fantasy. Others become Hyperactive, nervously pushing ahead with grand visions, unable to be manifested. This exhausts their energy and even fights against the laws of nature. They chase their unrealistic fantasies only to crash back down when unable to manifest them.

If able to become grounded in the root of our being, where this Key lives, then the Gift of Anticipation can be awakened. Instead of living in a lofty world of mental fantasy, the person utilizing this gift can actually Anticipate where things are headed. Instead of thinking in a dreamy haze of the mental plane, the gift exerts from deep within our root. We do not think about the future. We feel the future. And there is no limit to what can be felt from the world. There is a knowing which radiates from this gift, a certainty in the body of what the future holds.

This hexagram codes for the Start Codon in our DNA. There is a quantum connection to all of the start codons in all DNA strands in all cells, in all beings, in all space and time. By attuning to this Start Codon, there is an ability to download information from DNA itself, from the Akashic dimension and the morphogenetic fields of energy moving through all things. This is the force of the Jedi, and all things are able to be Anticipated by communing with the holographic connection of our DNA, our human nature and the holographic universe itself.

This is the prime emanation: the origin at the Big Bang, the start of every new venture, every day, every tide, every breath. Each cycle in the cosmic whole is all breathing together as one. This is the zero point which radiates from the void into every aspect of creation. This is the still holographic point from which everything rises and also into which they will Decrease. Tapping into this truth, we become one with the prime Emanation.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt