Hexagram 40 – Thunder over Water – 8/29-9/3

Hsieh – Dissolution (Deliverance)
Exhaustion – Resolve – Divine Will .:. Codon Ring of Alchemy

The path of grace flows naturally through all obstacles. It does not rush or resist; it flows in time with the natural order. Have the Resolve to follow the path and timing of Divine Will. This path is unique to each individual in each moment. Develop trust in yourself and your connection to the divine.

Thunder brings the rain and melts the frozen water. The time of obstruction dissolves and the way forward begins to open. The storm brings rain and ends the drought. There is a process of dissolution. It happens in a natural order, in a flow of time. It is not in your control, but you can read the signs of nature and the energy behind it, signified by the hexagram. While patience is still called for, know that the process of opening is underway.

By following the pace, direction and flow of nature, we know when to pause and gather our energy, when to pivot and change our course or perspective, and when to merge with the flow into action. Learn to adapt your behavior to the archetype of natural energy shown to you by the hexagrams.

This hexagram signals the end of a time of pause and the approach of a time of flow. It would serve you well to use this transitionary time to pivot to the most advantageous direction. Have patience and do not rush. Instead, focus on dissolving the obstacles in your heart, mind and life, which are immediately in front of you. Then follow the path opened to you by the storm and melting water.

The coming storm will cleanse the land, bringing new growth, a new direction, and a fresh start. We would be well-served to understand that life uses obstacles and difficult situations to teach us lessons that we are unwilling to learn in an easier way. These obstacles bar our path only until we turn and approach the lesson underlying the obstacle.

Resisting or ignoring the lessons which come across our path only ensures that the lesson will remain in our life until that energy is met and embraced. The lesson may be disguised in a cycle of seemingly unconnected people, events, or situations, but if we have the eyes to see the energy behind the manifestation, it will lead our awareness to the root lesson which we must learn. Use this time to learn the lessons which are calling for our attention, and much progress will be made.

A change in attitude leads to deliverance from difficult times and dissolves the obstacles before you. Soften the hardness in your heart and mind, forgive those who may have wronged you and start with a clean slate in all your relations. Meet all in your path with gentleness and patience.


There is an arrogant, stubborn energy in this shadow, that is trapped by its own notion that it can do anything if it just tries hard enough. It creates a tendency to fight against the flow of life, and huge amounts of energy are expended unnecessarily. While an outcome may be achieved, there is a huge toll on the body. It is believed that there are two main types of chi in the body, one is chi that we accumulate through life, eating, breathing, meditation, etc. and another that we are born with. Accumulated chi can be used up and more can be accumulated. This is the normal flow of life. But when we exhaust our external chi resources, the second type of chi is used, and this cannot be as easily replenished. When this shadow has us put our head down and fight for an outcome, it exhausts our pre-natal chi and leads to illness and disease. This key is deeply connected to the physical realm, both in our physical body and the physical world. And our modern pace of life is Exhausting our resources in an unsustainable way. Much of our modern life is soul crushing, where compromise and sacrifice is given for dollars, without really fulfilling our inner spark and joy. Likewise much of the modern practices that keep our world turning are Exhausting the resources of the Earth, gas, chemical farming, destruction of biospheres, single use plastic filling the world, etc. It is up to us to set boundary on our energy, to say a sacred NO to what doesn’t serve us or the whole, and focus whole heartedly on what is in alignment.

Repressive – Acquiescent has no firm boundaries and need up giving too much to people and organizations who don’t value them fully.

Reactive – Contemptuous built up rage creates contempt for others, arrogant, they prey on the weaknesses of others.

There is a way of grace in the universe, where the flow of energy is efficient and enjoyable. This gift of Resolve has the ability to attune to the will of the divine and then see it through. Being on the right path does not mean that the path will not be challenging or filled with twists and turns, but Resolve allows us to find the way forward. There is a balance between ease and force, yin and yang, a middle way that is highly efficient with its energy. It knows when to listen, when to be still, when to act, and exactly where to put our energy so that it will be most effective. This gift is always in balance, the proper amount of effort, balanced with deep relaxation. A large part of this gift is the awareness of when to say NO, and when you say yes, following it all the way through to completion, the Resolve to see something all the way into full manifestation. A trick of this gift is to find ways that are restful to your soul, being with children, in the garden, creating art or music. Finding the middle path and surrendering to what serves your spirit, and the whole of creation.

At the highest level, there is a complete letting go of the personal will and surrendering to Divine Will. This surrender needs to be total and full, complete relaxation of the self into the All. When we become empty, it allows us to be filled with the full torrent of Divine Will. In this siddhi there are a great number of paradox. It becomes clear that we have full freedom to choose our actions in life, in fact we make decisions countless times each day, but from another perspective, every moment of our lives is directed from Choiceless Awareness. There is nothing that we could choose to do that will pull us from the course of our destiny and Divine Will. If this key is prominent in our chart, we may have a real opportunity for transcendence in this lifetime. All we must do it have the Resolve to surrender to the way of the divine.

Have the Resolve to clean your heart, embodying the principles of modesty, acceptance and innocence, and in this way, all obstacles will be dissolved, and you will be delivered by the hands of Divine Will.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt