Hexagram 39 – Water over Mountain – 7/1-7/6

Chien – Obstruction
Provocation – Dynamism – Liberation .:. Codon Ring of Seeking

Water over Mountain in many ways is like being between a rock and a hard place. Forward progress is Obstructed by an ocean to the front, and a towering Mountain blocks the pathway for retreat. Obstructions fully surround your current situation. Water is known as the Abyss, and Mountain is know as Keeping Still. Together, the danger descends and becomes frozen in time. This time of hardship must be travelled with extreme caution.

What is counseled is to still our actions, cease progress and reevaluate our emotional and mental disposition. Use this time to cultivate energy and work on our inner fortitude and alignment. Drop the judgements we may carry about a situation, person or ourselves, and return to contemplation of the way of the Tao, for this too shall pass. The Obstructions will open and a way will emerge that is true and easy. But that way is closed now. Return awareness within and attune to the direction and pace that life is dictating, so when the way opens, you will be rested and clear in your direction and purpose.

It may be helpful to seek out the guidance of a trusted ally, a friend or elder who may be more experienced in the ways of overcoming obstacle. When an issue arises, it must be dealt with directly. This is a benefit to this time, the Obstacles emerge and are able to be seen clearly, so that we may root out the limitations which block our health and fortune in life.

It is the blockage to our path that causes us to make changes and may lead to altering the course of our entire life. All great achievements have come from the positive use of obstacles across the path.


In the Gene Keys perspective this key is all about blockages. Each blockage is an opportunity to change direction. Life is constantly Provoking us to course correct, whether we move with the flow of life source energy determines if we grow or wilt. This shadow can quickly push our buttons and illuminate the unconscious triggers and shadows that lurk beneath the surface of our daily awareness. This shadow is clear in relationships of all kinds and often can lead to violence and extreme behavior. From a higher perspective, each block in our DNA, gap in our subtle bodies and Provocation from the events which occur in our lives offers the soul a clear mirror of what needs attention. Everything in creation has a higher purpose and this shadow allows the great warrior to see clearly that they may awaken as a warrior of light here to heal shadow and find the middle way to truth.

Repressive – Trapped The life energy is frozen, trapped into emotional patterns which no longer serve.

Reactive – Provocative externalize their fears and project them out onto others, weaponizing their own fear.

Dynamism is best seen as the unbridled energy of play as it expresses through a young child. It is the exploration of life and the body through creativity, acting out the imagination and play. This is most essential in the first 7 years of life. Children should be allowed some understanding of boundary to keep them safe, but then be left to fully immerse themselves in the creative flow of energy that naturally expresses through their being. This freedom allows for a torrent of energy to move dynamically through your being, and this naturally provokes others, but toward creativity, freedom and Liberation.

All of the blockages which fall across the paths of our lives all lead us into the true form and flow of our lives, if we follow that flow to the end. It takes great surrender at the siddhi to let the individual needs and desires go, and this is true Liberation. This key is partnered through a channel in the body graph with the 55th GK and its siddhi of Freedom. Freedom and Liberation make for quite a pair. Liberation is a path that must be lived to unblock the Obstacles that keep us trapped, while Freedom is a state which rings out collectively. Liberation can be seen as the process of claiming Freedom through action.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt