Hexagram 37 – Wind over Fire – 2/24-3/1

Chia Jen – The Family (The Clan)
Weakness – Equality – Tenderness .:. Codon Ring of Divinity

The Gentle Wind stokes the Illuminating Fire. Wind is gentle and penetrating, while Fire is warm and illuminating. The combination of these energies models the energy of family, where balance is key. Too little warmth and the family will dissipate, while too much fire is uncomfortable and brings conflict. Wind can stoke a fire quickly, so it is important to find a balance of elements. This is reflected in the polarity seen in our bodies and throughout creation: two eyes see clearly, two hands hold tight, and two legs carry us in balance.

The many energies that exist in each family should be embraced and cooperation sought, for each unique energy makes the family more complete. Persistent kindness and acceptance allows all to find their place in the clan. It also fosters a safe environment to work through differences without conflict.

The 37th hexagram speaks of the proper principles needed to create and sustain human communities. These principles are love, trust and truth. A thriving community naturally gathers around a person embodying these higher principles. It is one thing to see what is proper, another to know what is proper, and completely different to live properly. To change the world, one must first transform their inner nature, seek to be in balance with their family, and from this place, change can ripple out across the world.


Weakness comes when the polarities of the world become unbalanced, specifically in terms of masculine and feminine energy. For many millennia our collective human expression has been unbalanced and dominated by the masculine perspective. This has led us toward left brain awareness, a tendency toward force, logic, control, structures and dominance over the other. The shadow of Weakness in this key comes from the projection of the masculine judgment onto the feminine way of being. It is a representation of the imbalance of yin and yang. In this time, as we leave the age of Pisces and enter the age of Aquarius, there is a natural shift of Equality coming to this long-standing imbalance.

Those who dominate their way to the top of a power structure and then wield their power over others is the remnant of the past ages of humanity. It is easy to say “this is how it’s always been”, but time moves in grand spirals, and the procession of the equinox changes every 2160 years or so. The times they are changing, and the power structures of the unsustainable patriarch are crumbling before our eyes. This energy is causing a shift in the traditional family structure and is redefining the roles of masculine and feminine energy. This is connected to gender but actually transcends it. Carl Jung was pivotal to bringing the concept to the west that all beings, regardless of gender, have a masculine and feminine nature within. By facing the disconnect and imbalance within, we all have a part to play in bringing union to the great forces of yin and yang. The natural intelligence of a balanced psyche recognizes that the masculine principle is at its best when it serves the feminine. This is the way in many indigenous communities, and it is a model which may assist us greatly in the change that is upon us. It can most simply be said that the mind is meant to serve the heart.

There are two extremes in every shadow, repressive and reactive. The repressive sate is Over-sentimental. These people tend to become victims of their emotions without the strength to stand for their beliefs. The key is heart. The heart is fearless and can feel all pain, but there is a tendency to become addicted to emotion and not the clarity and subtle strength of the heart. The reactive state is Cruel. These people project their fear out into the world and often reinforce that which they fear the most. These two pairs often embody the victim/abuser patterns, both disconnected from the heart.

In the middle way, there is a path leading from the heart of this shadow to the hidden gift of Equality. This gift will transform our world, and the process is well underway, though it will take time to complete its cycle. The inner dance of yin and yang will create a shift in the way we relate. Patriarchy will no longer serve the evolution of humanity and will naturally be replaced not by matriarchy, but by union. This is the energy of The Family, which will be the model for the new world. The family is heart-centered and has the subtle power to transform all relationships in the world over time.

The heart of hearts moves with the frequency of Tenderness. This is the secret hidden wisdom that is the only energy that can stand against the energy of aggression in the world. Tenderness has the ability to penetrate through the impenetrable wall of war, force, and blind rage. This energy from the heart has the great power to nurture a total transformation from within.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt