Hexagram 35 – Fire over Earth – 6/2-6/7

Jin – Progress
Hunger – Adventure – Boundlessness .:. Codon Ring of Miracles

Fire over Earth creates an image of the sun shining down on a beautiful day. The storm has dropped plenty of water, now the sun shines and life thrives. Progress at this time is easy. The Earth receives all of the radiant warmth of the sun and all prospers. Of all the 15 hexagrams where Fire lives, only this and 14th Fire over Earth and Fire over Heaven signify a time for those who are ready to act in the world. Fire usually signifies transformation and inner focus.

This is a time of great opportunity and progress can be made if one is in tune with the energy of the cosmos. Misfortune only comes when one forces situations that are not ripe. Be like the rising sun. The height of your progress is only limited by the height of your virtue.


This is a significant key as it is one of the few that codes for a singular amino acid, Tryptophan. It forms the Ring of Miracles and stands alone. Tryptophan creates serotonin in the brain, which causes feelings of satiation and deep fulfillment. It has the power to pause Hunger, the shadow state of the 35th.

This is such a primal state that has influenced all life for all time. Hunger drives the survival of individuals and species, but there is not just physical hunger for food, there is hunger for meaning, hunger for feeling, hunger for connection, hunger for change, hunger for community, hunger for purpose. The pair of Hunger and Impatience have great desire for Progress, and frustration at its pace. We want more and we want it now! There is a great imbalance this unrepentant hunger causes in our brain chemistry. When we seek it out side ourselves it only fuels more Hunger.

Repressive – Bored become afraid of their hunger so they repress it.

Reactive – Manic endlessly fill an empty life, to busy to be bored.

Love is the only force that can bring an end to our Hunger for all external things in life. Love stabilizes the serotonin and all of the wasted energy spent trying to satiate our Hunger is now able to develop our inner nature. Love connects us to the fibers of being which connect all things in the world as one. The Hunger for external things is turned to an inner hunger for awareness, connection and purpose. This frees the heart to enjoy life as a grand Adventure! This key acts like a wormhole to another dimension. It is the only place in all 64 keys where a conscious action can be taken to raise your frequency. In all other keys it has to happen naturally. Give love in all directions to all you encounter in the Adventure that is life and it will transform your DNA.

The 35th siddhi is a shortcut through the back door of genetic evolution. By engaging without fear in all actions and tapping into the eternal presence of love Boundlessness can emerge. This breaks all the laws of genetics, space, time and manifests miracles. It is the natural manifestation of the energy of liberation. It is able to penetrate right into the heart of matter and alter the laws of the physical world itself.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt