Hexagram 34 – Thunder over Heaven – 11/22-11/27

Ta Chuang – The Power of the Great (Great Strength)
Force – Strength – Majesty .:. Codon Ring of Divinity

Thunder over Heaven holds massive natural power, like lightening bolts ripping through the heavenly sky. In our modern world, power is often misused for temporary gain. This hexagram speaks to the necessity of using one’s power to serve the correct purpose.

The lines caution that the strength of the four lower yang lines can easily overpower the two upper yin lines. Positions of power tempt imbalance. However, a person with the correct intent, coming from an open heart does not use its force to overpower another. Instead the great power is used to serve the whole. Thus the energy of heaven is multiplied by the power of lightning and thunder.

An imbalance of power within one’s being creates a state that is impatient, unable to listen, to see clearly, or even think twice. Great inner presence is called for to bring patience within the eye of this storm of energy. What is counseled is not to rush forth like an egoic beast, but to cultivate patience to follow the path of the heavenly storm. Allow nature to take its course and channel the immense energy in the right place, at the right time, with the right state of mind. Gather the powerful energy into your core and cultivate a vast reservoir which will provide ample strength for when it is needed.

The great power which is now at hand comes from our harmonious alliance with universal forces, not solely from our own actions. Too often when one rises to power their ideals become compromised and their force is misused to harm or to solidify their position for the longterm. To avoid this abuse of power the iChing councils to blend power with humility, kindness, justice and balance. Refrain from the traps of impatience, judgement, or  deafness. Use stillness and moments of pause to let the energy of the moment dictate the proper way forward. In this way the massive power of the heavenly storm may be used harmoniously for the benefit of All.


The shadow of Force is an ancient part of our genetic code, which was essential for survival. It represents the survival of the fittest, and the brute force necessary to stay alive at all cost. It is connected to the solar plexus and the evolutionary urge of the spine to rise up and stand erect. This upright posture allowed for the development of a larger brain, and higher cognitive function. It makes humans different than all other mammals. This Force has been essential for life to evolve, but now at this point in our evolution, the blind Force of the storm that rages against all obstacles, has brought humanity to rise against nature and the flow of life itself. So the early evolutionary force brought us here, but if it doesn’t raise its own frequency it will be the cause of our demise. The harder we try to Force the outcome, the more entangled in the struggle we become. We get caught in a cycle Forcing the same square peg into a round hole, and Deafness (43) does not allow us to change, or even listen to another option. The energy of this key is seen most clearly in the unending energy of children without awareness. It is only over time that they gain awareness of right and wrong, of boundary, etc.

Repressive – Self Effacing hides from their own power and let others walk all over them. All personal power is repressed usually due to a troubled childhood.

Reactive – Bullish Classic bullying inappropriate behavior. Usually unaware of their behavior so the pattern is difficult to change.

We are being called to evolve beyond the brute Force of the survival instinct. This wisdom lives in the solar plexus. It does not live in the mind. It lives in the subconscious. Here is the source of both our Force and our Strength. The difference between the Shadow and the Gift comes in how the energy is expressed. Force expresses the energy outward impatiently against the flow of life. Strength cultivates the energy inwardly and then follows the flow of life in fluid efficiency. They channel the life-force of this key in the right place at the right time. Those expressing this gift are always perceived as heroic by others, but for the one who is expressing, it is rarely experienced that way. There is an electric power which moves through this gift. If they are able to sustain their presence, serve the whole, and stay open to the heavenly light, then the power of Majesty can shine through.

This entire key has little awareness of self. At the shadow level, Force leads to destruction. Strength is similarly unaware of itself and it leads to admiration. The siddhi of Majesty is pure form in motion, so there is similarly no self awareness. There is a complete merging of our awareness into nature, and all forms in action. This is where the martial art forms arise, mudras, and yoga asanas. The expression of divine energy exerting itself through the body. It happens in moments of tai chi when a practitioner transcends their awareness and becomes an empty vessel, flowing with chi. They are not making movements, but being moved by the divine. Here the Epiphany 43 of the divine meets the evolutionary force and God walks on Earth. Majesty is pure Presence in motion. This is where the arts of calligraphy, dance and martial arts have arisen.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt