Hexagram 32 – Thunder over Wind – 10/14-10/19

Heng – Duration
Failure – Preservation – Veneration .:. Codon Ring of Illusion

This hexagram comes as an indication that the path we are on is correct and we need only to endure to stay the course through the twists and turns of life’s journey. Those who are quick to give up are destined to end in Failure. With the will to Persevere, the power of the heavenly realms will bless their pursuits to be Venerated in the end.

Thunder over Wind holds the image of a dense storm cloud in the sky. Here there is an obstacle in the path of the wind, a turbulence which tests ones resolve to continue along the gentle persistent path. Do not be swayed by the coming clouds or loud claps of thunder. These are only tests of ones inner clarity, to strengthen ones will to Persevere. Do not be discouraged now, persist along the path, guided by inner truth.

Thunder is a strong force with great shock and arousing thunder claps, while the energy of the Wind is subtle, gentle and calming. These two forces do not always exist together, but they are the forces which contribute to the continual movement and renewal of nature. They are connected to the movement of the heavens and the turning of the seasons. Each of these trigrams represent the eldest son and eldest daughter. This is the model of a mature marriage, with the will to combine the forces of yin and yang, of shock and gentleness, of male and female, to endure in mutual respect, any challenges which may arise in perpetuity.   

This hexagram reflects the ever changing nature of the cosmos. The only guarantee is change. The energy called for by this hexagram is to maintain constancy in the face of the ever changing. One must persevere through the challenges one faces, and as such the outcome will be abundant.

The image coming from the Gene Keys is that of a fresh vital shoot being grafted onto an old strong mature root. This is the essence of preservation. The old root runs deep and is well established, and the fresh shoot brings new vigor and life to equation. The root is a metaphor of the old ways, indigenous wisdom, the mystery traditions, ancestral strength, and ancient myths. The new shoot is of the now as it grows into the future. By connecting these two forces in the present we may preserve the power and rootedness of the old and add new life so that it may grow strong into the future. The iChing is like the ancient root and the Gene Keys are the modern shoot grafted on to its immense lineage, bringing new life and Veneration to this eternal stream of wisdom.


This shadow governs a large part of the collective fear of humanity, but Failure is a fear carried by all sentient life. Failure taps into one of the great fears of humanity, the fear of death. Even beyond this fear is the end of one’s genetic lineage, one’s whole species, and even all of life on this planet. The pressure to find a mate and procreate, creates a rush of panic, which is the dilemma of this Gene Key. This panic influences all aspects of the way one lives, breathes, acts and sleeps. Panic leads us away from living our purpose. Purposelessness is the shadow of the Codon Ring of Illusion partner 28. The fear of Failure and Purposelessness make it so that we may never truly trust in ourself or the whole. We become stuck in the rat race for survival without the deeper peace of connecting to our purpose, which is just to live well. Live long and prosper. The Expectation of the 42 leads to a build up of pressure that can never be fulfilled, always ending in Failure. When the panic and fear of Failure emerge, pause, smile, send gratitude to your ancestors and relax. Everything that we truly need arrives when we trust in life and ourselves.

Repressive – Fundamentalist clench down on their belief structures and systems. This contraction in fear chokes of physical health, emotional openness and financial abundance.

Reactive – Disjointed Cut of from source and angry at life.

Deep in the heart of this shadow, when we face into this primal fear of Failure, we begin to find a powerful truth. Some things are meant to die, in order for others to be preserved. Like a vegetable plant that thrives after being pruned, there is much of life which is destined to be trimmed away in order to let the most vital part of the plant survive. This is much the way with Preserving the best personal attributes, with relationships, with opportunities, and even investments. This gift knows what to prune, what to weed out completely, and what to nurture and cultivate. This key is expressed beautifully by the image of grafting.  Old rootstock with a new shoot.  Ancient roots and traditions that draw strength and nutrient grafted onto the present fresh vitality of a new shoot. We have such an opportunity to ground our modern technology into the ancient ways which have almost been lost to time and persecution. It is up to us to graft the ancient past into the distant future in the present moment. In this way we Preserve the divine  and natural beauty which will return the Earth to Eden.

At the highest level comes the siddhi of veneration, where the forms are perfected and brought into the eternal realms with our love and devotion. This word comes from the word Venus, meaning love or beauty, and this siddhi hold each object in its highest form. There is a journey in each of the Gene Keys from fear to love. The archetype of this transformation begins by facing the fear, which illuminates the gifts available behind the illusion of fear and through committing these gifts in service to the whole, they are transformed completely. This process cleans and raises the vibration of individual beings or objects into the eternal stream of the cosmos. Here we honor our ancestors, and forgive their blindspots, and they become the deep rootstock that grounds us and draws our sustenance. This honor travels backdown the lineages, healing eons of suffering. It also opens immense freedom and light in the present, and supports and guides the fresh shoots to rise in full glory into the future.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt