Hexagram 31 – Lake over Mountain – 7/25-7/30

Hsien – Influence (Wooing)
Arrogance – Leadership – Humility .:. Codon Ring of No Return

“To touch the heart” is the original meaning of this hexagram. The heart is where opposites come into union. Lake over Mountain is a pair of opposites, meaning that these trigrams are programming partners. If you change all the lines from yin to yang and yang to yin, Lake turns to Mountain. Therefore, this is one of the few times where the programming partners have the same elements, only top and bottom are flipped. This is the case only four times out of the 32 pairs.  The 31 and 41, Lake & Mountain, 32 & 42, Thunder & Wind, 12 & 11, Earth & Heaven, and 63 & 64, Fire and Water.

The Lake represents a gentle, joyous energy while Mountain is a still, firm presence. Together their energies are perfectly matched. Lake energy settles downward, and Mountain energy ascends to epic heights, so the energies nest together. Lake also represents the youngest daughter, while mountain is the youngest son. Together there is a perfect match for marriage.

This hexagram comes as an indication that this time is ripe with Influence. A significant situation may arise in this time which should be met with proper intention. This Influence may come as a teaching from the universe, a relationship with another, or in an event good or bad that calls us to face it with integrity. We are reminded that in life like attracts like. So we are to act in accordance with higher principles if we want a higher purpose outcome. Likewise, to act in haste, with shortsightedness, or greed, we will co-create a lower frequency outcome. The cosmos is listening, so be aware of what you put out into the world.


This entire key pertains to the power of the spoken word. The right words can have great power over centuries and even millennia as seen in the holy word written in many of the worlds sacred texts. These words have the power to effect people throughout many generations and even across cultures and great chasms of time. In the shadow frequency this key uses the power of words to manipulate and control others for one’s own selfish desires. Often we humans follow those people who have the ability to speak powerful words, rather than in the animal kingdom where they follow the alpha genetics. This does not always lead to the best leader being chosen, often it is the most power hungry and manipulative person who rises to power. Often the public gives over their power to one who triggers their fears and gives false certainty to limit those fears. The arrogance comes from the mental belief that we can control nature and chaos. The true Arrogance is cut off from the divine. It builds walls and laws to appear to have power over creation, but it is isolated. The true power lies in words coming from love. This vibration speaks through the words and leads people to the source of love itself. In the end, these are the words that connect us to each other, to life and to the cosmos. It is only when we go beyond our Intellect (62), beyond our words, into the field of love that connects all things that true Leadership can emerge.

Repressive – Deferring is a false humility. It puts itself down in order to receive praise and is still rooted in Arrogant manipulation of words based in fear.

Reactive – Scornful is based upon anger rather than fear, and is a classical type of Arrogance, which assumes itself to be above others. There are so many traps in this shadow which often leads to a humiliating fall.

Once one is able to get past the delusions of their own Intellect, a journey into the heart awakens the gift of Leadership. By tapping into the ability to speak directly from the heart, the people of this gift are able to create massive shifts in the collective consciousness. They use their words to shape reality, not to delude or manipulate others as in the shadow, but to model a way out of the victim state, into empowerment and sovereignty. They can become channels for the divine intelligence to communicate to the whole, no matter the medium. Their power is beyond words. It Anticipates what will best serve the world and is able to bring it into clarity. This gift is no longer fixated on its own power and approval from others, but truly has shifted into service of the whole. But the gift of Anticipation (41) is so new that often times there is resistance from others to trust a new direction. It is crucial for people with this gift to be able to stumble, be cast out or demeaned, and still to push on. Leadership is not found in perfection, but in Humble service and adaptable perseverance.

At the highest level, the individual consciousness dissolves and only the universe remains. There is not even a whiff of selfish desire. But in this siddhi there is a great paradox. The truly humble do not care about what others think of them, even if they are seen as arrogant, whereas those who are Arrogant care deeply what others think of them and so they often project a false Humility. There is a complete surrender to the Divine. This causes a shift from the 4th Causal body to the 5th Buddhic body. There is no return as this obliterates all ego, identity, words, concepts, facts and names. All that is left is divine embodiment speaking through you.

31.1 is the Day out of Time in the Mayan Calendar, 41.1 is the Gene Keys New Year or Rave New Year in Human Design.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt