Hexagram 29 – Water over Water 8/17-8/22

K’an – The Abysmal
Half-Heartedness – Commitment – Devotion .:. Codon Ring of Union

Commit your will to the divine source, surrender to the flow of life through its many phases, and this Devotion will deliver you through hard times.

This hexagram is a double dose of pure water. Water has many forms. It falls from the skies, soaks and nourishes the land, rushes in rivers and ravines, stills in lakes, and pulses with the tides of life in the ocean. The yin nature of water allows it to take the form of any space it enters. The yang nature of water carves canyon walls, freezes solid, expands, bursts pipes and burns with steam.

This hexagram is a reminder to be like water and adapt to any situation we face. In this way we must flow into every environment we encounter and fill that space in the specific way that is called for.

Any hexagram that repeats elements fully embodies multiple aspects of that energy. The many manifestations of water remind us to be malleable and bend to what is being asked of us in any moment. We must surrender to the movement of life as it passes through many stages of ebb and flow. When hard times are experienced, what is called for is a Commitment to surrender to the will of the whole. To fight against the current in times like these is foolish and leads to exhaustion, frustration and potential drowning.

Do not be afraid of the depths of emotion or the unknown. Take the plunge into the abyss!

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt