Hexagram 27 – Mountain over Thunder – 4/22-4/27

I – Nourishment (The Corners of the Mouth)
Selfishness – Altruism – Selflessness .:. Codon Ring of Living and Dying

The 27th hexagram is formed by the energies of Mountain over Thunder, and the lines form a very interesting geometry. There are yang lines on the top and bottom with open yin lines in the middle. The shape it makes is an open mouth, hence the name The Corners of the Mouth, and Nourishment. The hexagram brings awareness to what it is that we are consuming, both physically and mentally. The upper trigram represents the the nourishment we provide to others and is our spiritual nature. The bottom trigram represents the intake of nourishment through the mouth and is physical in nature. Spiritual nourishment comes from proper communication and how we nurture others through higher ideals, where as the mouth also can nourish the lower desires with food. So we must pay close attention to what comes in and out of our mouth. In this way we will balance the nourishment of spirit and body.

It is very important for our physical health to nurture our bodies with clean water, pure foods and quality exercise and rest. Even more important is the quality of what we nourish our minds and spirits with. There are three aspects to adhere to in the iChing.

1 Hold the mind free from desire. By feeding the ego whatever it desires, a cycle of gratification is begun with many traps, which is often difficult to cease.

2 Engage in the practice of silence through meditation or prayer. This clears out the mind and allows for the subtle voice of spirit to be heard.

3 Be mindful of your thought, words and actions. By cultivating our character to be centered, calm and mindful, our superior character is brought into being.

By observing what others are choosing to nourish in themselves and in others is a good determination of character. Those who nurture inferior behavior, have an inferior character. Likewise those who inspire positive behavior have a superior quality of character.


In the Gene Keys transmission, this hexagram deals with how an individual moves in the world. In the beginning of life we must focus on self to learn about life, survival, incarnation, what it means to have a body, etc. This serves a purpose, but over time leads to becoming Selfish. This is not good or bad, it is simply the lower frequency expression of this archetype. Much of our modern world especially in the west is fixated in this level of awareness. Selfishness is a natural part of the evolution of life, however the external manifestations of this state can be limited. While it has been a necessary part of our evolution to this point, the next phase in our evolution is dependent on us moving past selfishness. While it has served our individual survival to this point, if left unchecked it may lead to system collapse. The next phase of human survival will rely on the collective drive to thrive. This is why this is the dilemma of Consideration. By considering others it naturally opens our awareness from lower dimensional focus, to higher. Selfishness is taught in our culture we are groomed from birth to be consumers, to buy and take for ourselves rather than giving. This is not our natural tendency to stay stuck in the scarcity reality, dog-eat-dog mentality. A selfish act harms the whole, which includes our self.

Self-Sacrificing – gives away their power without any sense of equal exchange. No sense of boundary

Self Centered – only give to others so that they are owed something in return. Manipulation and distrust

As we awaken to the collective reality of higher dimensional awareness, we contact the pod mind, emulated by the dolphin of the 27th Gift of Altruism. As individual cells operate collectively to support a whole organism, we individual humans are meant to work collectively in benefit to the whole of creation. In nature often an older member of the herd or tribe will sacrifice itself so that a younger member will survive, and this will serve the whole. Altruism is the natural state of higher frequency awareness. By having a balanced and loving childhood, children will naturally develop an Altruistic drive in life, even though our society does not support this way of being. We must seek it out within our own being. This energy lights up the aura and has the power to heal, nourishing our being, spirit and the whole. Generosity has great power in the world especially at this time because the world so needs its openhearted way. The Gift is not separate from the Siddhi, it is the Siddhi in action.

The human being is in the process of awakening from expressing the 64 Shadows into the 64 Gifts. Living the 64 Siddhis is rare and exists in the future potential of the human race. We are not yet biologically ready to sustain Siddhic awareness, but we are mutating toward this currently. We will eventually exist as one organism, feeling and moving with the life force of the whole like the Jedi knights. There is vast potential for healing and transforming the reality of life as we know it by awakening the mathematics of benevolence.

Selfishness expresses in 3D, Altruism opens to the 4th dimension of heart, while Selflessness operates holistically in the 5th dimension.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt