Hexagram 25 – Heaven over Thunder – 3/19-3/24

Wu Wang – Innocence (The Unexpected)
Constriction – Acceptance – Universal Love .:. Codon Ring of Humanity

Heaven over Thunder marks the beginning of the Thunder season, which occurs on the Equinox. Thunder has the energy of awakening, where the power of its boom shakes the walls and snaps us out of our slumber. There is a shocking intensity to Thunder that can be abrasive, but is also part of its magic. Thunder is not predictable, and it can come as a blessing or a curse. Thunder cannot be controlled, so this whole season deals with the uncontrollable twists and turns of life. These unexpected elements may bring awareness of how best to handle the shocking events that occur in life.

Heaven over Thunder is known as Innocence or The Unexpected, and it evokes the image of the still light of heaven within the thunderous chaos of a storm. This is our tender inner light, which is ever-present in the core of our being. This essence is pure and true, but it speaks so softly that the storm of life drowns out its gentle whispers. It is in the midst of alarm, chaos and pressure that we are called to listen for the Innocence in our heart, which knows the benevolent way through the trials of life.

Our ego is often at odds with our inner knowing and is unable to exist in the present. The ego is prone to anxiety and ambition, always skipping ahead into the future or stuck looking backward in judgment and anger at the past. Either way, the subtle presence of our higher self is unable to guide us when we are engaged in our ego. We must disengage the ego in order to embody the innocence of our true nature.

There are two types of Innocence; the first is that of a child, a simple youthful innocence without knowledge of evil, lust or greed. This form is pure and true, but without experience of the world, it can easily be led astray. The second is the Innocence of the wise, who know of good and evil and still make the choice to live in service to the whole. This is the mature sense of innocence that knows the traps of desire in the world and chooses to live from the pure inner light. Knowing that we have the freedom to choose and still choosing love is a powerful return to the wise Innocence, which helps create Heaven amidst the storm.


The 25th Gene Key and its journey from Shadow to Siddhi captures the essence of the whole transmission. The shadow of Constriction occurs anywhere love is absent. It collapses the space around any part of our experience, whether it is a constricted thought, emotion, or physical sense. It even operates all the way into each cell in our body and right into the spiral codes of our DNA. The lack of love constricts even our genetic code where it creates a deep sense of anxiety, based upon our inherent mortality. There is no avoiding this anxiety, like there is no avoiding our eventual death. This inevitability is wound around every level of our being. At its base level, the anxiety is the driving force for us to seek higher purpose. The secret is to feel the anxiety without being driven into states of fear.

When fearful situations arise, our DNA coils tighter, wound with tension. This is actually connected to the sacred wound, which is wound around all of Humanity’s DNA. In many ways, our physical body and our life on the material plane is a Constriction of our infinite spirit into the density of limited form. When we relax or are in a field of love, the coil loosens, and energy flows more easily. Constriction is an essential feature built into the spiral nature of DNA. It is how the DNA is able to contract and expand biologically to accommodate the movement of life, our energetic experience, and psychological states. DNA is built in the phi ratio, known as the golden ratio or divine proportion. All of life is created in this geometry. The phi ratio forms the perfect proportion, which allows for infinite expansion and infinite compression. This is why you can curl your fingers into a perfect ball with no gaps. Any larger or any smaller and the perfection would be lost.

It is important, then, to not allow the Constriction to spiral down infinitely, for it will crush us. Our thoughts often add to the constriction and anxiety, increasing the tension around us. This shadow creates two types, Ignorant and Cold. Ignorant people do not have the ability to look at their pain; they stay distracted, blind to their own suffering. This wastes a huge amount of energy keeping the suppressed feelings at bay. Cold people have shut off their empathy. They hate their pain and anyone who reminds them of it.

The practice is to breathe. The expanding and contracting force of our breath is able to meet the constriction wherever it is and allow for some expansion. Once the tightness is loosened slightly, the bit of space brings a rush of peaceful energy and a sense of relief to the never ending cycle of panic coming from the depths of Anxiety. Even this slight relaxation allows for our cells to breathe. This is the gift of Acceptance, and it is at the heart of the Art of Contemplation. It is broken into three phases: Allow, Accept, and Embrace. Allow is the beginning, and it is physical. Acceptance connects to the emotional realm and surrenders to what is. Embrace is mental and enmeshes us fully into our situation. These three phases are all one process of opening the heart to Accept things as they are. Look at the things you don’t allow to be as they are, and breathe.

The Siddhi naturally comes into being as we deepen our surrender to life, just as it is. The love locked in our DNA breaks through our ancestral karma to the great shared wounds of the whole. It occurs after all the ecstasy and pain is burned away. All that is left is pure love. This is a movement in our awareness from personal to universal. As this shift takes place, we are no longer able to love in the same way, directed only at one person or thing. It happens over time as we soften and open our hearts until Universal Love dissolves the personal heart to be filled with the limitless light of love. This siddhi is the fundamental archetype of love. All 64 Siddhis form a hologram in a crystalline matrix, which I call the Hexagram Hypercube. Each of the 64 siddhis are a unique facet of the one Universal Love.

The 25th key is one of the Seven Sacred Seals. The siddhi of Universal Love provides the healing antidote to the third line core wound of shame. It brings humor to lighten the shame  from mistakes that are inevitable in the life path of the experimental, adaptive third line. The third line is connected to the mental realm and is brought into balance by the power of Universal Love.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt