Hexagram 21 – Fire over Thunder – 3/30-4/4

Shih Ho – Biting Through
Control – Authority – Valor .:. Codon Ring of Humanity

Fire over Thunder is known as Biting Through and comes as a sign that something is out of order. The shape of the hexagram forms a mouth which must bite through the yang line inside. It represents an evil influence in our midst which must be cut away. We are called to summon the inner strength to act against darkness. When all is not right in a situation, and we continue with what is out of order, it often leads to increasing chaos. What is required is to recognize the difficulty in the situation, cease action, and gain clarity from a higher mind what must be done. The power to correct in this case comes not from our own will, but instead from reliance on the divine, then we bite!

Fire over Thunder combines the elements which make lightening. Thunder awakens and Fire illuminates so this energy of lightening may shine brightly upon us. It provides the opportunity to bring clarity to any inner darkness within ourselves and illuminate the path ahead with clarity. Lightening doesn’t last long, so we must strike when the time is ripe.

As Fire and Thunder change, so too do our situations. When something once was wrong, it does not mean that today it will be the same. We must learn to pay attention to our situation in the present, make a clear reevaluation, and then proceed with full awareness of how things are in this moment. When someone treats us wrongly, often we judge them as untrustworthy forever, missing out on their evolving relationship to truth. We are called to become highly attuned to evolving situations and act accordingly. Often in this situation it is not best to act of our own accord, but to remain steady in our inward focus, allowing for a higher power to rectify the situation on our behalf.


Humans have tried to Control nature for eons. It has led to conflict around the world and through out history. Most of our conflict used to be about food, territory and resources, and now it is mostly about money. Control is built into most of our modern systems, capitalism, patriarchy, class structures, taxes, education, media, and even our social systems. But it doesn’t end there, we divide our own lives into tiny pieces and try to Control every piece. When focused inwards, this tends toward mental fixations, eating disorders and fanatical expressions. When projected out into the world it creates all of the modern mechanizations of Control we see placed over our society. This drive to Control comes from a natural urge to lead, but in the shadow frequency the power is used for selfish ends through a fear of life and nature. The repressive nature is Submissive, when this shadow collapses to be controlled by others without exerting any authority. They hide from responsibility and then blame life for their problems. The reactive nature is Controlling, when anger tightens the grip of Control over everything. These are Control freaks, who create great stress in the body, especially the heart.

As the frequency rises, a path emerges from the systems of hierarchical Control to allow for natural Authority to rise. This is the movement from hierarchy, to heterarchy, to synarchy. It is a natural evolution that occurs when the level of love in ones life surpasses fear. When the inner state comes into balance, there is a natural authority which emerges from living from an open heart. This type of Authority is not claimed through fear, but given through trust. It seeks to empower and unite rather than separate and Control. There can exist a union between master and servant, child and parent, employer and employee, where one has a higher level of authority, but the relationship is in balance. In a righteous kingdom the will of the people is enacted through the Authority of the King.

Love and power = Authority. Nobility in action = Valor. At the siddhic level the intention of serving the whole is brought to a crescendo, combining many traits in one. Love, virtue, wisdom and courage all combine with sacrifice to embody a higher ideal. A moment of Valor may arise in every life, and these moments are mythical, with the capacity to write new legends by the actions lived through an ordinary life given in service of nobility in action. Valor leads by example.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt