Hexagram 20 – Wind over Earth – 5/21-5/26

Kuan – Contemplation
Superficiality – Self Assurance – Presence .:. Codon Ring of Life and Death

Wind over Earth summons the gentle energy of the steady Wind which blows over the wide and fertile Earth. In the ancient Chinese this is known as Contemplation or Setting an Example, depending on how it is pronounced. This hexagram weaves both meanings together, because it encourages one to become a good example to others by contemplating deeply the higher principles in the world and oneself.

What we focus on, expands in our lives. So by contemplating the iChing and Gene Keys, the harmony of the fundamental patterns of the universe comes into clarity naturally through Contemplation. By inviting this wisdom into our depths, all of our actions become informed by these patterns and we may have great influence for good in the world. By remaining gentle and steady as the wind, we may receive the great wisdom of the cosmos.

This often comes as an indication that we have strayed from our true course and we could gain much from pausing and contemplating upon the higher principles. Invite guidance from the Sage into your awareness, while limiting the judgements of the ego. Quiet contemplation allows for attachments and anxious energy to be released. In its place we are filled with the power and purpose of the universe by attuning to the underlying patterns of creation.


Art of Contemplation is embodied in this key. We pause using this viewing to illuminate the unseen depths. New awareness allows us to pivot, seeing how our nature relates to life, our relationships, and the world. Until we merge with the one Presence.

In the shadow of the 20th Gene Key, we skim across the surface of life, afraid to stop and sink into the depths. There is profound wisdom in the brainstem and the deep ancient knowing of the body, beyond the thoughts of the rational mind. This is connected to the instinct we have inherited from the ancient past of humanity and all of life. It lurks in the depths of our awareness, but at the shadow level of Superficiality, we do not allow this depth to be reached. The thinking mind keeps us from feeling one with all of life. Activity without Presence leads to Superficiality. Much like the insect world, always at work without awareness of purpose.

Repressive – Absent checked out distant stare, frozen in shock and fear. Defense mechanism to shield one from pain.

Reactive – Hectic incessant motion without purpose. Rat race mentality, scurrying around in anxious panic without the ability to pause and reflect.

In between these polarities lies the hidden gift in the midst of shadow. By pausing, stilling the mind and allowing perception to deepen, the gift of Self Assurance can come online. The awareness in the brainstem contains the fight or flight response of the autonomic nervous system. When it is triggered, awareness stays at a Superficial level, even oscillating between the shadow states of Absent and Hectic. Superficiality often causes frantic, desperate reactions of a panicked mind which over time exhausts ones energy, leaving us on the other extreme, depleted and Absent, checked out. By relaxing our awareness beyond the traps of the reptilian brainstem, and allowing a deeper relaxation and trust to emerge, other intelligences are able to come online. This is the flowering of our Self Assurance. Decisions are no longer made from the mind, and there is a surrendering to the moment and the flow of life. This deep surrender to life and the wisdom of the body sets a perfect environment for children to be raised in. There is a feeling of freedom for both child and parent, often filled with relaxed humor and lightness. Trust comes from the connection of the awareness of the brainstem to the power of the Hara, or belly.

This leads to the siddhi of Presence, which is more accurately described as The Presence. The individual mind melts away into oneness with the whole. This is an aspect of all 64 Sindhis when the Divine Mind expresses itself through a human instrument. Pure Consciousness floods one’s being, silences all thought and delivers one into the eternal present moment. All of human thought and creation seem Superficial from this place of eternal Presence. This 20th Siddhi represents the divine octave, above the 7 rays of light, the 7 bodies, it unifies in the white light of everything, an octave up from the dark void of nothing from which all is born. This is the great AUM, the vibration of creation, the one sound that creates sustains and destroys all cycles across all space, time and dimensional reality as One.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt