Hexagram 15 – Earth over Mountain – 6/20-6/24

Ch’ien – Modesty
Dullness – Magnetism – Florescence .:. Codon Ring of Seeking

Welcome to the Mountain season. In the calendar wheel this 15th hexagram comes at the Summer Solstice, marked by the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This significant global date comes also at the shift from the Earth season to the Mountain season, meaning that the bottom trigram of the past 8 hexagrams have been Earth, and now the next 8 weeks will be Mountain.

Mountain is a looming presence, a holy, peaceful place filled with presence and stillness. This contemplative stillness will be the keynote for the next season. The presence of Earth over Mountain creates a humbling of the high and mighty presence. The original name for this hexagram is Modesty. The flow of the Tao over time tends to empty what is full and to grow abundantly what is modest. This Modesty is modeled by the towering Mountain being placed under the Earth.

There is no greater way to gain the favor of the divine that to remain Modest, and no way to chase its presence than in immodesty. One who remains modest in a place of power tends to be loved and cherished, and those with humble beginnings who live modestly are destined to rise through the ranks. Modesty is found in avoiding boastful behavior or seeking recognition, but also by cultivating a beneficial way of acting in the world, living a life of service to the divine and to all beings is Modesty before the divine.


At the shadow level this 15th Key gets stuck in the monotonous hell of repetitive motion. It feels trapped in the same old situations, with the same drab outlook, destined to repeat the same patterns on endlessly, forever. Dullness is death, discourtesy, repetition. Stifled imagination. Over stimulation of the senses leaving us numb. Any thing that resists change. The Dilemma is comfort. It lays down over us like a great cozy blanket, that makes us too comfortable to help others. We become spoiled. Don’t know hunger. We dull our senses with all of the modern comforts. This Key, like life, is filled with repetition and rhythm, and at the shadow level we fear the monotony of it. But at the higher levels, we ride the waves of rhythm and tap into the repetitive aspect of nature that is a hologram and built by repeating fractals. By tapping into the power of how the universe creates using these repetitive patterns we can transform this shadow into great creative power, using the repetitive algorithms of nature to Magnetic affect.

Repressive – Empty has given up and resigned to not even try. Over time this leads to depression.

Reactive – Extremist escaping from the dullness one adventure at a time, jumping here and there without rhythm often to hide rage.

As we tap into these patterns that repeat all through nature it connects us to the Earth and all her creatures. We are all connected through fields of energy like a magnet. The electro magnetic field of the earth is called the Shumann Resonance and it connects us all. Many humans are out of tune with this frequency and it disturbs our sense of rhythm and leads to all types of disease and illness. We must slow down to get in tune with the pace of Gaia and all of life. This attunes us to the natural ebb and flow of life, much like following the hexagrams in the calendar year. Nature has its pattern and when we engage with it we tap into the Magnetic power of the whole world. There is a wildness that fills this key like all of nature. This gift embraces all of life, each moment, each struggle and each twist and turn instead of being dulled by it. To be magnetic is to love everyone and everything. By attuning our aura with the frequency of the earth we naturally expand and lift to the highest unitive frequency.

As this reaches a zenith, coordinated by the cycles and timing of nature we blossom. Our natural potential unfolds like a tree coming into flower. This cannot be forced and happens in its own time. But when it happens we all can feel it. When the bud naturally opens into a flower and releases its fragrance and pollen into the air, there is an aura of beauty that is released as well. All of nature prospers by this Florescence, the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees. There is rarely a single flower which emerges alone, the process of Florescence happens simultaneously to all flowers on a tree, but also to many trees, each with their own flowers.

In humans the process is the flowering of our inner awareness, the lotuses symbolized by the chakra system open and flower into fullness. The mind often is confused by this process and resists it, but eventually if it is able to surrender, natures process takes over and the mind is able to let go. It is much like a bud which is growing and growing, then finally lets go to bloom. This is the same as the process of enlightenment where the mind clings and clings until it finally lets go.

Collectively there is a great coherence between many minds and enlightenment often comes in waves through epochs where many individuals simultaneously Fluoresce into a higher frequency of being. This is the dream of Shambhala, Lumeria, or the Crystalline City where whole cultures bloom into an evolved enlightened society. This is the real meaning of the Mountain in the Earth. As we learn to trust and surrender our control we blossom into childlike Delight!

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt