Hexagram 14 – Fire over Heaven – 11/17-11/21

Ta Yu – Possession in Great Measure
Compromise – Competence – Bounteousness .:. Ring of Fire

Fire over Heaven evokes the image of a sun glowing high above the heavens. It is an abundant fire in the creative heavenly realm, which nourishes all below. The sun glows eternally, radiating heat, light and abundant energy. Here lies a secret of the realm of heavenly light, which gives endlessly without taking anything in return. The light of the sun is an archetype of unconditional love, which flows outward toward all of creation in service to the whole, without calculation, bartering, or expectation of return. The Fire of Heaven is infinite; tap into this source within and you will never lack.

The 14th hexagram is created by five yang lines and only one yin line, but the yin line is in the most powerful position: the fifth line. The energy of the hexagram has five strong masculine forces being guided by the feminine. This is indicative of the new harmony finding its way in the world. The force of the yang needs to find balance by being in service to the yin, and this hexagram delivers just that archetype. It evokes the timeless wisdom of the Native American way, in which the masculine protects and serves the feminine, who guides and leads the family and the tribe. It is also reflected in the way of the chief, who in the west is like a ruler standing above his subjects, but in the Native American way is a servant to all his people. This is a deeper level of power that the west has yet to fully discover – the power of service to the whole.

The 14th is an abundant hexagram, known as Possession in Great Measure, and also Great Harvest. An image of this hexagram is a treasure-laden wagon, filled to overflowing with goods from the harvest. There is great abundance in the image of this wagon, but as is often the case in abundant times, it is easy to abandon the inner aspects of our character that cultivated this abundance. One must act with humility in accordance with higher principals so as not to disrupt the integrity of the wagon, leaking its treasure. This leads to the shadow of Compromise.


Compromise blocks luck, prosperity and synchronicity. It gives up before it even begins and creates a weak intention. Our society demands conformity, which is engrained in school, and many of the systems, financial, media, etc. Dreams are stamped out and life becomes a bland facade of Mediocrity. 

The challenge is to trust in yourself and the higher creative fire in your nature. Stoke the creative fire in your belly and do not Compromise your inner visions or dreams. The harmonious nature of your being is able to adapt to what is needed in any task, obstacle, or challenge. Competence is able to find elegant and effortless solutions to any task, and often with light heartedness and joy. Even hard work is able to be done with ease if it serves with its purpose intact. This creates a magnetic force of attraction that draws and radiates abundance as effortlessly as the Bounteous Sun.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt