Hexagram 13 – Heaven over Fire – 2/2-2/7

T’ung Jen – Fellowship of Man
Discord – Discernment – Empathy .:. Codon Ring of Purification

In all our relations, we are called upon to embody the principles of humility, kindness and truth. If there are any hidden intentions or feelings of reservation, it invites misfortune into the relationship. Every relationship we have should be fair and honest for every person involved. Approach each person in life with calm and honest integrity. Any relationship founded on the principles of the divine allows for incredible achievements to take place in these times.

Heaven over Fire is a beautiful gathering of elements. Heaven represents the sky and openness, while Fire represents the sun and the warmth of light and strength. Both of these elements ascend and spread. Together they represent the harmony of elements that provide positive inspiration for the benefit of all beings. The image evoked is that of sunshine shining health and warmth for all to bask in.

The 13th hexagram is made from 5 yang lines and one yin line, with the single yin line in the second position. This proper placement of the yin line in the center of the lower trigram creates a powerful balance of yin and yang energies as well as in the upper and lower trigrams. It speaks to the harmonious nature of many separate elements coming together into a Fellowship With Others. Many of the tasks the world asks of us are not meant to be accomplished alone. There are many notes in each chord, and many parts to each puzzle, so the ability to work in Fellowship is essential.


This Key has the overall keynote of listening and governs how we deal with our past. Discord is the inability to listen to or learn from our experiences in life. It keeps us locked into the same old self-destructive patterns, many of which are passed down the genetic lines from our ancestors. There is too much noise in our minds, too much armor around our hearts to be able to hear the whispering of the divine. In Discord, we only see and hear the same old fearful doom and gloom. We are bound by our Desires and not yet able to see the holographically connected, mystical dimensions of unity. This shadow creates two types of people, those who become Permissive, agreeing with others no matter what, letting people walk all over them, and those who become Narrow Minded, clinging to their pessimism and disagreeing with anything anyone has to offer.

As we learn to listen to our inner nature, and to those in our lives, we begin to see through the desire nature of the shadow state. There is a great witnessing awareness, which exists beyond the ebb and flow of our desires. When it comes online, we gain a natural ability to listen with the whole being, not just the ears or the mind. When that ability awakens we are finally able to Discern what people are really saying, even beyond their words. We are even able to finally listen to the hidden meaning of life and the universe. We begin to Discern the mythical patterns of events in our lives. Meaning is able to be understood directly as Discernment from the fabric of energy which makes up all of life, and from DNA itself.

This ability to listen deeply eventually leads to complete absorption where there is no longer a self which listens to other selves. We feel all other selves as ourself. We become one with the Fellowship of Man and the Akashic Dimension where all of the great cosmic history comes to life. This is Empathy, the great singular point in the center of the web, the 13th nexus that unifies all 12 rays as one.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt