Hexagram 11 – Earth over Heaven – 12/14-12/19

T’ai – Peace
Obscurity – Idealism – Light .:.  Codon Ring of Light

This hexagram is the essence of the Peace on Earth. The energy of Heaven rises, and Earth sinks, so the placement of Earth over Heaven allows for these two sinking and rising energies to merge into each other. This reminds us to offer our grounded Earthly aspects to the heavens, and to bring the Heavenly aspects of light and spirit to the deepest places within our being. This emulates the power of the yin yang, where each polar force combines and integrates in a united, harmonious whole. The translation of the word “T’ai” means ‘perfect order’.

The ‘perfect order’ of this hexagram indicates that Peace and harmony are achieved with natural ease. Any pursuit undertaken at this time has the blessing of Heaven and Earth, and any effort put forth honestly, gains the power of the cosmos. If one acts in harmony with the higher and lower aspects of their nature, prosperity abounds.

The situation is prime for using the limitless energy of the heavens for the benefit of all on earth. Attaining perfect order takes great skill and determination, and maintaining that balance is even harder. But this is a time when that harmony in the world can be actualized.

This marks the end of Heaven season, where the calendar has moved through all eight upper trigrams with Heaven in the lower position. Now we move onto Lake season and the cycle of upper trigrams repeat, Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth. This changing of Heaven to Lake season falls on the Solstice and the change of Fall to Winter in the northern hemisphere, and Spring to Summer in the southern. These are the longest and shortest days and nights of the year. All extremes must find their way to the center in order to remain in balance. Take pause in this pivot point for the planet and feel the global harmony in the changing of seasons.


This key deals with the Pituitary gland, and is connected to the power of vision, inner and outer. It represents the intuitive perception of the right brain, which sees things holistically, in fractal, archetypal patterns. In the shadow frequency, our vision is distorted, or blocked in Obscurity. The mind is connected to archetypal visions, but they cannot be seen clearly, and thoughts are hard to grasp. There is conflict between the left and right brain which Obscures the truth and our ability to perceive it.

Repressive – Fantasizing inwardly without connection to the outer reality.

Reactive – Deluded perspective out into the world. The way forward is to keep seeking to find your true Ideals.

Idealism is an understanding that the whole universe, time and space is created from consciousness, and that we are a part of that same creative force. This is a different notion opposed to the modern view of Materialism, which states that consciousness grows from the material world, genetics and biology. Often in the modern way, living from an Ideal is thought to be impossible, not grounded in reality. It’s funny, because of the power of consciousness to create, doubt and disbelief make that real. So in reality, living a life based around an Ideal gives it a sense of purpose. Truly attuning and committing to an Ideal can manifest great Peace. But living from one’s Ideals can be a confusing and lonely process. The world around us may not understand, but living from a true Ideal manifests great power in the world. The challenge is to dig deep within the density of our earthly bodies to seek the heavenly spark. Light is locked up in all matter, especially in our cells, molecules and DNA, but it is our awareness that allows for that Light to be released.

As we open up to the Idealism of consciousness deep within our being, the Light of Heaven shines out from within. This Light activates the DNA and launches one into the archetypal realm of being. The Light of awareness shines out from the deepest, most minuscule places and truly has the power to transform our world. But in order to truly shine our light, we must face our shadows. Bringing the light of our awareness to these shadows and traumas is what allows re-patterning of the subconscious patterns and blockages in our DNA to release the light. In the end, all archetypes meld as one. The many phases and aspects of the one consciousness unite into the grand egregores of light and shadow. In order to bring our full light to life, we must face the grand shadow, the adversary, our inner demon, and once this is faced and integrated with honesty and love, it allows the great polarities to be unified. When this happens, our fears are no longer able to limit the light transmitted from our psyche and genetics and we are able to shine Heaven’s Light on Earth.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt