Hexagram 1 – Heaven over Heaven – 11/5-11/10

Chien – The Creative
Entropy – Freshness – Beauty .:. Codon Ring of Fire

The heavenly energies of creativity are open now to one who lives a life in accordance with higher principles. This time is an opportunity to allow the lower urges of selfishness, impatience, and fear to be set aside in order to commit to the higher aspirations of one’s nature. The heavenly energies of creativity and positivity are available for those who persevere. Inner discipline is called for to attune to the highest light in one’s awareness. Take time to open your heart to the invisible urgings of the creative spirit. Make a clear intention and effort, and then be open to receive the connection to your higher nature.

This first hexagram is known as The Creative, and also as primal yang, as it is made of all yang lines. It represents the pure yang energy and therefore is not commonly manifest in Nature. Most of the hexagrams are combinations of yin and yang lines, and are much more common in the melting pot of creation. Yang energy is often symbolized by the image of a dragon and is represented by strong natural events, such as an intense wind, a massive fire, or an electrical storm. Heaven over Heaven seems so peaceful, but it can manifest as an intense electric shock with the force of six dragons.

In the calendar order, this is the great turning point. This is the force of Primal Yang. It is the only force magnetic enough to turn the whole transmission into its opposite polarity.

Here begins the yang season where we count backwards from Heaven to Earth.  The calendar order through yin season has been building from Earth to Heaven, from primal yin through the first 32 hexagrams. The yang season then moves in reverse order from 64-32, Heaven to Earth.

The purity of full yang energy is imagined as the bright, ever-giving, luminous sun, the heavenly body which gives its energy endlessly, penetrating the darkness of space with its light. The immensity of its radiative heat and light is balanced by its massive weight, keeping all the planets drawn into its gravitational spiral. The power of this hexagram is immense. In order to not to get shocked by the pure yang energy, we are counseled to stay grounded while remaining open to the heavens. Become a channel of the positive forces of creation, bringing your fresh take on Beauty to the world.

The great energy of the sun, when in its negative shadow state, tends toward disorder or Entropy. Here energy decays into deep lulls, depressions, and chaos. However the natural energy of the primal yang is that of syntropy. It gathers matter into higher states of order, creating Freshness with its vital life force. Beauty is found in the light of the rising sun, the hidden order in the logos of the cosmos, and in the eyes of a freshly born baby.


There is a vast and terrifying force that lies across the physical world, sapping all the joy, stability, security and peace. This is the force of Entropy, which modern scientific worldview says is unavoidable. Everything physical will one day cease to exist. The mountain will one day crumble to the sea. Everything in the physical world tends toward disorder and chaos in the end. Psychologically this leads us to a very bleak and depressive state of existence. It saps all the joy, purpose and trust from life. What is the point of existence if it all ends in chaos. But this is only one half of the yin yang. For every black hole of depression, there is a white hole of creativity. For every instance of entropy there is an expression of syntropy. This is the nature of living systems. Life gathers matter into larger and larger pockets of coherence. An example is of our bodies, 26 trillion cells working in complete unity, without our conscious awareness. Even plants gather matter from the soil and by the light of the sun, capture carbon from the air releasing oxygen. This is the opposite from animal life and together we form a coherent biosphere. So for every energy there is an equal and opposite expression. At the shadow state it manifests as depression and numbness, where the creativity exhausts itself and leaves us dissolving into a low energy state. If we learn to ride these waves, this can be a time of restoration, inner rest and Attunement, but if we fight it or linger here, the spark of creativity can fizzle out and be hard to channel again. The spark represents the vital yang nature of this key, the pure creative energy of creation. It is like the hot electric fire and magic of lightening, and plasma energy, or the heat and light of the sun. This is the creative energy that is contained in the mystical spark of life that takes inert matter and transforms it into living cells. All energy has a natural yin and yang, a rise and fall. When the creative juice runs out, it is best to rest and recharge, protecting our inner spark for the next creative wave.

Repressive – Depressive collapses emotionally due to mental overwhelm often brought on by fear. Once physical collapse happens, entropy saps energy until the root fear is identified, faced and integrated, and a new behavior pattern is created.

Reactive – Frenetic does not listen to the body and it’s need of rest and solitude. Instead they run full blast into life, running their system ragged, putting too much voltage through their system. It can manifest as wild behaviors and a fixation on monotonous patterns to keep their energy moving at all cost. Often leads to burning out and manifests illness.

The current of energy coming from the proper channeling of creative energy knows no bounds. This gift of Freshness has the ability to transform the low level energy of numbness into a hot bright spark of creative energy. This is how new things are forged into the world. The creative impulse soaks in all the dull and boring melancholic frequencies of the world and focuses them into a white hot point. Like a magnifying glass taking the light of the sun and focusing it into one condensed point, an inner fire is alighted which transforms the life around it. There is an innate ability for people with the gift of Freshness to inject high frequency energy into a group. They often have magnetic personalities, which make them natural leaders, although they often don’t think of them selves in this way, or want to be the leader. They are just following the natural expression of creative energy as it bursts forth from them. So when it comes, shine it out to the world, but know that creativity can’t be controlled. So, as it flows, so too shall it ebb, so be careful not to force the creative spark and honor the times of rest. If we don’t we become compromised (14). When the light shines, something bright and new comes into the world and it really turns heads, opens hearts, brightens spirits and invigorates the world around them.

At the highest level we reach the Siddhi of Beauty. Here is such a beautiful paradox. Where as the energy of the shadow and gift are expressed as full yang energy, in the Sindhis, there is no duality, so a great paradox emerges. The programming partner is the prime yin, 2nd Gene Key with the Siddhi of Unity. In Unity there is no swinging of the pendulum of yin and yang, there is no masculine and feminine, no one and the other. There is only Unity and Beauty together, so handling the fire of full yang energy is done by being water. At it’s highest expression, full yang looks like full yin, the fire of creativity acts like the water of flow, the high vibrant energy of heaven is channeled by the fully receptive energy of earth. This union of the 1st and 2nd hexagrams couple with the 63rd and 64th hexagrams to form the great pillars of the transmission. Beauty, Unity, Truth and Illumination. These are known as the 4 letters in the holy name of GOD, the Tetragrammaton, the 4 directions, the 4 seasons, the 4 bases of DNA.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt