Hexagram 4 – Mountain over Water – 8/11-8/16

Meng – Youthful Folly
Intolerance – Understanding – Forgiveness .:. Codon Ring of Union

Forgiveness comes as a soothing salve to wash away the weight of guilt for those who journey the path to the sacred spring beneath the holy mountain.

Earth is fully receptive yin whereas Mountain has one yang line on the top line. Its energy is that of stillness. While the Earth holds and receives all aspects of life, the Mountain stands still above the toils of life, the buzz of the village, the growth of the crops. It is a place for retreat, for contemplation, for sacred pilgrimage. Nearly every culture around the world has a sacred mountain which is at the center of its cosmology. It is where the veil is thin, where the gods live, where the wise sage or oracle has retreated from society and holds a secret wisdom of Understanding.

The image of this hexagram is of a spring bubbling up at the foot of the sacred mountain. This is a special place for ritual, cleansing, and honoring creation.

The name of this hexagram is Youthful Folly, where all of us begin. As children, our nature was filled with the innocence of the heart, mixed with a magical mind. In our youth, what we lack in experience, we make up for in playful exuberance and vivid dreams. The youthful always look to model and learn from their elders, soaking up experience like a sponge. Spiritually, we are all children. Our path to maturation comes as a challenge to not close our hearts. Instead we are called to stay connected to our source and model the principles of the iChing and the higher frequencies of the Gene Keys.

Modeling our awareness on the higher order of the sacred way, we come to Understanding. This is embodied in the towering heights of the holy mountain. Understanding is a great pillar of wisdom, which lends any who perseveres and summits its heights, a clear view of the whole kingdom. But it is the water that pours forth from this holy mountain that blesses us All. This sacred mountain water of Forgiveness washes away all guilt, clearing our DNA, stilling our minds, our hearts, our souls. In time it may cleanse all the world of its pain.

Keys of the iChing – Jesse Chesnutt