Hexagram 2 – Earth over Earth – 5/4-5/9

K’un – The Receptive Earth
Dislocation – Orientation – Unity .:. Codon Ring of Water

This is the primal yin energy made up of all 6 yin lines. This is the beginning of Earth season, meaning the lower trigram will be Earth for the next 8 weeks. The energy of Earth will be a theme for the next weeks leading up to the Summer solstice, when the Mountain season begins. Earth is the Receptive energy of yin that embodies the passive, nurturing, intuitive side of being, offering a balance to the active, achieving energy of doing in the primal yang.

The Receptive Earth embodies an energy that is supportive, following, humble and is a harmonious counterpart to the yang. They form a partnership that is mutually beneficial. Yin and yang need each other, the yang leads, and the yin supports and nurtures.

This is a time to pause, listen and receive the wisdom of the subconscious, the body and the Earth. The yin energy is open and accepts the creative yang energy to create a unified whole.

In the original iChing, this hexagram was in the first position, and what is now the 1st hexagram was last. This is the original order, but somewhere over the last millennia, the masculine has made its way to the head of the line. The original order of hexagrams follows a mathematical perfection, which still exists in the calendar order. If a beginning to the cycle of the year had to be chosen, this would be an obvious place. The energy ascends from Earth to Heaven, moving through a cycle of elements: Earth, Mountain, Water, Wind, Thunder, Fire, Lake, Heaven. Directly across the calendar wheel the order flips and the elements descend from Heaven to Earth through the cycle: Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Mountain, Earth.

Today is one of two places in the calendar year where the upper trigram repeats from one to the next hexagram, 24 Earth over Thunder, becomes 2 Earth over Earth. The only other time is with the programming partner Heaven over Heaven, the 1st hexagram. With this 2nd hexagram, the order changes, and the cycle begins anew. Interesting that the ancient meaning of the 24th hexagram is Return, or The Turning Point, as this is the return to the original order, and the turning point of elements. This time also aligns with the cross seasonal point of Beltane or May Day.


The 2nd Gene Key holds the archetypal energy of the primal yin, in counterpart to the primal yang, in the 1st Gene Key. The 1st embodies the creativity of light, whereas this 2nd key grounds it into the world of form. At the shadow frequency, the 2nd key is connected to the feeling of being lost or misplaced. It lives in the deep recesses of the human psyche. Dislocation speaks to how the prime yin has been displaced by the masculine. This is the way of the shadow of the masculine, bullying its way to the head of the line. The power of the feminine principle is Unity, the 2nd siddhi. Every separate object in all of creation is made of the same matter, and shares the same energy, but in the shadow frequency, everything seems to be dismembered. All the separate parts of our body and awareness are disconnected, causing great confusion. Everything is still united, but our biology experiences it differently… for now. We must reconnect to our trust in the whole, so that we can return to the feeling of finding home, which we will realize has never left us, for home lives within.

Repressive – Lost – disconnected from our universal destiny, selfishness and materialism. Spiritual surrender places us in our purpose and destiny.

Reactive – Regimented is an attempt to control space and time, but only leads to disconnect. The heart is the guide leading us to spiritual union and synchronization with the whole.

Orientation dawns when the feeling of home returns within our being. This happens through trust in intuition, the body, the subconscious, the unknowable. By trusting in the mystery of life, we attune to the will of the whole. In the heart lives an intelligence that connects to the Cosmos, and this intelligence always knows the way forward, if we could only be silent enough to listen. Trust in life engages the fields of flow, and magnetizes synchronicity into our lives. The dramas of life often become more graceful, magical and coherent as we are in the flow of cosmic energy. Phenylalanine is part of creating magnetite in the endocrine systems of the body, which allows our awareness to attune to the magnetic charge that comes from the spin of atoms, the globe and the cosmos itself. As we surrender to the subtle power of the feminine, it Orients us to the will of the universal whole and where we fit into its flow. As we land in our purpose, we naturally are able to Orient others in theirs.

The fact of matter is that all things are unified beyond their apparent separateness. This is the truth behind the siddhi of Unity; there is only one, duality is an illusion. While this key represents the Divine Feminine, and its programming partner the Divine Masculine, in this siddhi even this is seen as an illusion. There is only 1 and 3, 2 does not exist, for there is the relationship between 1 & 2 which forms the third. There is a further surrendering and trust which dissolves our individual will into Unity. All opposites, all resistance, all individuality is dissolved into the One cosmic will and from this place our unique creativity, Freshness and Beauty may be released through our Exquisite Style.

Keys of the iChing .:. Jesse Chesnutt